POLYWednesday, 29 March 2006

8:30 AM-12:30 PM OMNI at CNN Center -- Dogwood A, Oral
Polymers For Enabling Nanoscale Patterning
Imprint Lithography
Organizer, Presidings:C. Grant Willson
Alfred J. Crosby
Kenneth R. Carter
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:35 AMOrganic imaging materials: A view of the future
C. Grant Willson
9:00 AMDevelopment of new polymer resists for nanoimprint lithography
L. Jay Guo, Carlos Pina-Hernandez, Philip Choi, Xing Cheng, Peng-Fei Fu
9:25 AMPolymer imprint lithography at the molecular scale
John A. Rogers
9:50 AMMaterials for step-and-flash nanoimprint lithography
Hiroshi Ito, F. A. Houle, Mark W. Hart, Richard DiPietro, E Hagberg, Kenneth R. Carter
10:15 AMQuantifying the mechanisms of adhesion and release in imprint lithography
Edwin P. Chan, Douglas P. Holmes, John Whang, Alfred J. Crosby
10:40 AMIntermission
10:50 AMPrinting solid inks
Ralph G. Nuzzo
11:15 AMNanocontact molding imprint lithography: Not just another technology to pattern sacrificial polymer resists
Kenneth R. Carter, Timothy von Werne, Matthias Beinhoff, Erik C. Hagberg, Sarav B. Jhaveri
11:40 AMNanoprocessing of polythiophenes: Direct-write and nanoimprint for conductive polymer pattern generation
Frank Nichols, Arvind Kumar, Jia Choi, Eric R. Catuccio, Manuel Marquez
12:05 PMReactive block copolymer film platforms: From tailored biointerfaces to nanoperidic arrays
Holger Schönherr, Chuan Liang Feng, G. Julius Vancso

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The 231st ACS National Meeting, Atlanta, GA, March 26-30, 2006