CHEDMonday, 27 March 2006

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Georgia World Congress Center -- Ex. Hall B4, Sci-Mix
Sci-Mix: LSAMP/REU Poster Session
Organizers:Mary K. Boyd
LaTrease E. Garrison
 An examination of chiral interactions with amino acid based surfactants
Amanda L. Trevino, Gerardo Garza, Janice Heinold, Eugene J. Billiot, Fereshteh Billiot
 Binding of chromium to chromodulin candidate peptides as studied to mass spectrometry
Rozlyn Nicole Chambliss, Junjie Gao, Carolyn J. Cassady
 Bis(oxazoline) copper(II) catalysis of the Diels-Alder reaction
Edward G. Franklin, Jason DeChancie, Jeffrey D. Evanseck
 Characterization of amino acid based surfactants
Gerardo Garza, Michael Croft, Eugene J. Billiot, Fereshteh Billiot
 Chemical sensor for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Tina M. Clinton, Tina M. Battaglia, William R. Heineman, Carl J. Seliskar
 Effects of hypergravity on actin rearrangement, cytoskeleton structure, and phagocytic function of macrophages
Rolando Perez, C. Johnson, Juan Marquez, V. Sontineni, Lillian Waldbeser
 Effects of microgravity on actin rearrangement, cytoskeleton structure, and phagocytic function of macrophages
Juan Marquez, C. Johnson, Rolando Perez, V. Sontineni, Lillian Waldbeser
 Paper Withdrawn
 Estrogenic effect of the Jamaican Bush Tea Bizzy Nut
Krystal Fontenot, Wesley Gray
 Examining dioxin introduced in meat products
Shawn M. Abernathy, Darrell Maxwell, Healey LeCator
 Examining the products from heated Motor Oil via NMR spectroscopy
Shawn M. Abernathy, Carmela Wingfield, Debbie Lee
 Fabrication of a polymeric microdevice for a hydrogel-based estrogen analysis
Marquita Jacobs, Hui Chen, Gloria Thomas
 Imaging of the skin crater caused by Laser ablation during liver cancer treatment
Nadihay Majeed, Abdalla Darwish, Duane Johnson, KiTani Parker Johnson, Ahmed Darwish, Ashok Puri
 Influence of BMI and gender on hormonal responses to a meal
Curtistine J. Deere, Mudlagiri B. Goli, Joan F. Carroll, Susan Franks, Kathryn Kaiser, James L. Caffrey
 Interactions of NADH with aqueous vanadium(IV)
Barbara K. Hughes, Alvin A. Holder, Debbie C. Crans
 Messenger RNA expression levels of TAP1, TAP2, tapasin genes of the chicken MHC and IL-18 in spleen exposed to salmonella enteritidis
Jaslynn Caprice Slack, David Adegboye, Susan J. Lamont, Michael Kaiser, Natalie Berry
 Moderated adsorption and desorption of proteins on carbon nanotube films
Joe C. Gaiteri, Vasilis G. Gavalas
 Optimization of a Bacillus anthracis protective antigen receptor binding assay for high-throughput screening of potential Anthrax and cancer therapies
Jennifer L. McAbee, Kenneth A. Christensen
 Pentacovalent phosphorus in organic synthesis: A new route to substituted phosphonates
Danielle Marie Stacy, Brandon Schuff, Cynthia K. McClure
 pH-Dependent metal ion binding studies on pepsin
Angela K. Stone, Nsoki Phambu
 Protons damage the DNA of cancer cells
Charles E. Holmes Jr., Terrence Reese
 Reduction of rhenium (V) oxo schiff base complexes with triphenyl phosphine ligands
Nebiat Sisay II
 Spectroscopic studies and potentiometric titrations of copper (II) and Chromium (III) with 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanin (L-DOPA) in aqueous solutions
Dornesha White, Yahia Z. Hamada
 Star burst polymers (super -absorbents) from natural hydrocolloids
Jennifer Jackson, Subodh K. Singh
 Studies of violet dye production by marine fungus from Tanzania
Kia C. Walcott, Isai T. Urasa, KMM. Hosea
 Synthesis of amphiphilic hydrogels from hyperbranched polymers and star-like poly(ethylene glycol)
Katie N Bartlett, Caiping Lin, Ivan Gitsov
 Synthesis of an electron deficient molecular rectifier
Tiffany J. Fogg, Darren L. Pearson
 Synthesis of mixed chromium zirconium oxides and titanium-chromium oxides
Jesse Onyenekwe, Wendlyne Delouis, Remi Oki, Boris G. Shpeizer, Abraham Clearfield
 Temperature effect on antioxidant potential of plants
Tishina C. Okegbe, Lovell Agwaramgbo
 The effect of UV-Vis irradiation on DMNPE-caged adenosine 5'-triphosphate
Brandon C. Parker, Michelle O. Fletcher Claville
 The use of microwave heating to study the mechanism of heat flow in an immiscible liquid system
Dawn Walker, Alvin P. Kennedy
 Ultraviolet-Visible spectroscopy studies and potentiometric measurements of 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanin (L-DOPA) with the ferric ion at room temperature
Cassietta Rogers, Yahia Z. Hamada
 Uptake of DDT, DDE, and DDD by desert plants
Sandra I. Campo-Diaz, Wen-Yee Lee
 Laser induced fluorescence quenching of tagged oligonucleotides probes by gold nanoparticles
Jelani Griffin, Paresh Chandra Ray
 Light-induced acute and genotoxicity of a hair dye ingredient, 4-chloro-1,2-phenylenediamine in salmonella typhimurium ta102 and hacat keratinocytes
Charity N. Mosley, Lei Wang, Stephanie Gilley, Shuguang Wang, Hongtao Yu
 Light-induced acute and genotoxicity of a sunscreen agent, 2-phenylbenzimidazole in Salmonella typhimurium TA102 and HaCaT keratinocytes
Charity N. Mosley, William C. Hardy, Lei Wang, Stephanie Gilley, Shuguang Wang, Hongtao Yu
 Optimization of vestitone reductase and medicarpin accumulation in copper-treated medicago truncatula and medicago sativa seedlings
Ricardo Lemus, Nancy L. Paiva
 Photochemical reaction of 9-nitroanthracene and its derivatives
Gernerique Stewart, Scoty Hearst, Yuguo Jiao, Hongtao Yu
 Paper Withdrawn
 Steric control in copper(I) thioether coordination chemistry
Keily Heredia, Daniel Rabinovish
 Surface interaction α-synuclein oligomers with phosphatidylcholine lipid
Saquanta Y. Ward, Shubo Han

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The 231st ACS National Meeting, Atlanta, GA, March 26-30, 2006