AnIML: A new XML-based standard format for analytical data


Maren Fiege, Waters GmbH, Europaallee 27-29, 50226 Frechen, Germany
Analytical instruments today are producing data in a multitude of different formats. This makes the interchange of data between systems difficult. To deal with this problem, standard formats like ANDI and JCAMP have been created in the past. Based on the experience gained with these, ASTM has started an effort to create a highly flexible yet validateable standard format based on XML that can accommodate any kind of analytical data. This presentation will give an introduction into the concepts behind AnIML, and will show how AnIML can be customized to suit special needs without breaking the standard.

XML in Chemistry
8:30 AM-11:30 AM, Tuesday, 28 March 2006 Georgia World Congress Center -- B302, Oral

Division of Chemical Information

The 231st ACS National Meeting, Atlanta, GA, March 26-30, 2006