Research collaboration and teaching through cyber-enabled mass spectrometry

ANYL 366

Akos Vertes, vertes@gwu.edu1, Ioan Marginean, mnelu@gwu.edu1, Frederick J. Cox, fjcox@udel.edu2, and Murray V. Johnston, mvj@udel.edu2. (1) Department of Chemistry, Institute for Proteomics Technology and Applications, George Washington University, 725 21-st Street, N.W, Washington, DC 20052, (2) Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716
During the Pathfinder mission to Mars, much of the nation was watching a remote-controlled rover roll through Martian terrain. Very few people had second thoughts when the rover stopped at a selected rock and performed chemical analysis on another planet. Desensitized by the omnipresence of remote controlled television sets, most of us take it for granted that taking charge of an appliance in another room or an instrument on Mars is just a matter of technology. The possibility of universal remote instrument control in the laboratory environment is not so remote. With the ubiquitous availability of broadband Internet connections and with the help of various remote control software applications, one can take charge of almost any aspect of an instrument from anywhere. As an example, we established complete remote control of a complex laser ionization mass spectrometer. Remote use of the instrument was demonstrated in a collaboratory type setting with investigators present via webcast and teleconference, as well as in the classroom with wireless network connections. Students could log in from their own workstations and seize control of the instrument to participate and try their own experimental parameter settings. Advantages of this approach included first-hand student experience with sophisticated instrumentation from the classroom and better utilization of the available analytical equipment.

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