FACS: FLEC automation and control system for investigating indoor environment surface chemistry reactions


Jason E. Ham, bvo2@cdc.gov, Michael M. Flemmer, mgf8@cdc.gov, and J. R. Wells, ozw0@cdc.gov. Exposure Assessment Branch, NIOSH, 1095 Willowdale Road, Morgantown, WV 26505
A novel control system has been combined with a traditional field and laboratory emission cell (FLEC), called FACS (FLEC Automation and Control System) to study surface chemistry reactions in the indoor environment. Utilizing several mass flow controllers in order to mix and regulate the air to the desired humidity and flow rates, this instrument is designed to provide a well regulated, steady supply of consistent quality air to the FLEC for use in various experiments. All conditions are monitored and controlled by a computer with a user friendly interface. With the FACS system, highly reproducible results can be obtained to provide the necessary data to estimate occupant exposure to VOCs. Using this system, the surface reactions of α-terpineol (a volatile organic alcohol that is a significant component of indoor cleaning emissions and a component of pine oil) with the indoor reactant, ozone, on glass and PVC flooring tiles were investigated.