ORGNSunday, 28 August 2005

1:30 PM-5:05 PM Washington DC Convention Center -- Ballroom C, Oral
Membrane Active, Synthetic Organic Compounds
Organizer:Tom Fyles
Organizer, Presiding:George W. Gokel
1:30 PMSupramolecular ion channels from transmembrane cholic acid derivatives
Yoshiaki Kobuke
2:05 PMAssessing the contributions of H-bonding donors to permeation rates and selectivity in self assembling peptides that form chloride selective pores
John M. Tomich, Shawnalea J. Frazier, Takeo Iwamoto
2:40 PMTowards unimolecular artificial channels using peptide nanostructures
Normand Voyer, François Otis, Joëlle Martin, Julie Richer, Eric Biron, Jean-Christophe Meillon
3:15 PMUsing organic compounds to promote phospholipid flip-flop
Bradley D. Smith
3:50 PMAssemblies of synthetic sphingolipids form ordered aqueous pathways through membranes
Marco Colombini, Leah J. Siskind
4:25 PMSynthesis and structure-function relationships in oligoester ion channels
Jonathan K. W. Chui, Tom Fyles, Horace Luong
5:00 PMConcluding Remarks

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The 230th ACS National Meeting, in Washington, DC, Aug 28-Sept 1, 2005