ORGNMonday, 29 August 2005

1:00 PM-4:40 PM Washington DC Convention Center -- 201, Oral
Molecular Recognition and Materials
Presiding:Dmitry M. Rudkevich
1:00 PMOperating molecular elevators
Celia M. Ronconi, Jovica D. Badjic, Amar H. Flood, J. Fraser Stoddart
1:20 PMModified borromean ring compounds
Cari D. Pentecost, Kelly S. Chichak, Andrea J. Peters, Stuart J. Cantrill, J. Fraser Stoddart
1:40 PMExterior-functionalized cryptophanes: Anion encapsulation to storage materials
K. Travis Holman, Scott T. Mough, Robert M. Fairchild
2:00 PMTrans-1-bis-C60 adducts with terpyridyl or pyridylpyrrolidine groups
Sheng Zhang, Olena Lukoyanova, Luis Echegoyen
2:20 PMMonolayer-controlled substrate selectivity using non-covalent enzyme-nanoparticle conjugates
Rui Hong, Todd Emrick, Vincent M. Rotello
2:40 PMOptoelectronic properties of noncovalently functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes
Robert J A Ramirez, David S. Hecht, Erika Artukovic, Kelly S. Chichak, George Gruner, J. Fraser Stoddart
3:00 PMGauging hydrophobicity effects on -hairpin hydrogelation
Christopher M. Micklitsch, Karthikan Rajagopal, Tuna Yucel, Darrin J. Pochan, Joel P. Schneider
3:20 PMTwo-component gelators for organic liquids
Mathew George, Gary Funkhouser, Richard G. Weiss
3:40 PMPhotophysical properties of encapsulated molecular wire materials in solution and on a Si surface
Joseph S. Melinger, Mike Pepitone, Glenn J. Jernigan, Jongte Je, Oh-Kil Kim
4:00 PMMolecular scaffolds and interlocking rings
Kevin L. Caran, Cobbina K. Benson-Adjei, Ashleigh R. Borges, David M. Crizer, Karolina Z. Roszak
4:20 PMDesign and application of switchable micelles comprised of redox-active biocompatible surfactants
Yan-Yeung Luk, Yanmei Lan, Kejun Cheng

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The 230th ACS National Meeting, in Washington, DC, Aug 28-Sept 1, 2005