ORGNMonday, 29 August 2005

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Washington DC Convention Center -- Hall A, Sci-Mix
Organizer:Robert D. Larsen
 Synthesis and structure of α-oligothiophenes with up to seven fused rings
Xinnan Zhang, Adam J Matzger
 Synthesis of novel chromophores and binding to semiconductor nanoparticles
Massimiliano Lamberto, Cynthia Pagba, Piotr Piotrowiak, Elena Galoppini
 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents that target the brain
Patrick J. O'Connell, James I. Bruce, Michael Mortimer
 Uses of single-walled carbon nanotube salts in syntheses
Feng Liang, Lawrence B. Alemany, Jonathan M. Beach, W. E. Billups
 Superparamagnetic nanoparticle supported enzymatic resolution of racemic carboxylates
Hari Mohan Gardimalla, Deendayal Mandal, Philip Stevens, Max Yen, Yong Gao
 Cu(I)-catalyzed highly exo-selective and enantioselective [3+2] cycloaddition of azomethine ylides with electron-deficient alkenes
Wenzhong Gao, Malati Raghunath, Xumu Zhang
 Regioselective alkylation of juglones
Thomas L. Mindt, Kathlyn A Parker
 Rapid access to piperidinones via allylic oxidation of enamides
Darren Bykowski, Arthur J. Catino, Jason M. Nichols, Nischal Sidhu, Sidhartha Gottipamula, Michael P. Doyle
 Higher oxidation state organochalcogenoxides as catalysts for the activation of hydrogen peroxide
Margaret A. Goodman, Michael R. Detty
 Tertiary alcohols via carbene insertion reaction
Chun Sing Li, Guillaume Tessier
 Multi-functional phosphorus heterocycles: An RCM/X-MET sequence to polyol subunits
Joshua D. Waetzig, Alan Whitehead, Paul R. Hanson
 Design of new odorless and thermally-stable sulfides and their application to Swern oxidation
Xun He, Tak Hang Chan
 Novel applications of the "Cesium Effect" in organic synthesis: Regioselective ring opening of epoxides with phenylselenol for the preparation of ▀-hydroxy selenides and a mild and highly efficient synthesis of organosilanes
Adam K. Nischwitz, John Frey, John Jonathan C. Pendley, Ralph Nicholas Salvatore
 Assessing feasibility of supercritical reaction processes using benchtop laboratory equipment
Kenneth J. James, Kenneth R. Krewson
 Microwave-assisted Friedel-Crafts alkylation in the presence of ionic liquids
Shahnaz Ghassemi
 Application of ionic liquid technologies in the Knoevenagel reaction
David C. Forbes
 Intramolecular cyclizations to [3,1,0] cyclohexanones from α-diazoketones and a non-hazardous synthesis of a diazoketone
Matthew M. Bio, Philip J. Pye, Gary J. Javadi, Z. Jake Song, Mark Cameron, Minetaka Isomura, Marjorie See Waters, Juan J. Castano, David L. Hughes, David M. Tschaen
 Convergent synthesis of macrolide core of (+) Migrastatin
Javed Iqbal, Saibaba Vobbalareddy, K. Mukkanti, Parthasarathi Das
 Total synthesis of (+)-SCH 351448
Sergei Bolshakov, James L. Leighton
 Efforts toward the synthesis of Psymberin: Synthesis of Psymberic acid and studies toward the determination of its absolute and relative stereochemistry
Michael E. Green, Paul E. Floreancig
 Efforts toward the asymmetric total synthesis of pyranicin
Danielle Jacobs, Michael T Crimmins
 Progress towards the synthesis of (-)-sordaricin
Richard F. Heck, Kevin J. Frankowski
 Total synthesis of Gomisin O
Soumya Mitra, Srinivas Reddy Gurrala, Robert S. Coleman
 Auxiliary-controlled enantioselective synthesis of exo-spirotetronate subunits of Quartromicin D3
Jun Qi, William R. Roush
 Towards the enantioselective synthesis of Swansonine
Haibing Guo, George A. O'Doherty
 On the mechanism of dirhodium(II) caprolactamate oxidations: A novel multivalent dirhodium complex catalyzes oxidation using tert-butyl hydroperoxide with uncharacteristic reactivity and selectivity
Jason M. Nichols, Arthur J. Catino, Michael P. Doyle
 New substrates for ruthenium-catalyzed ROMP
Jae Chul Lee, Kathlyn A. Parker, Nicole S. Sampson
 Electrophilic metallocenium ion-pairs catalyzed selective arene alkylation of alpha-chloronorbornene
Aswini K. Dash, Tobin J. Marks
 Synthesis and catalytic application of superparamagnetic Fe2O3 nanoparticle-supported Ti-BINOLate complex
Jinda Fan, Yong Gao
 Development of force field parameters for improvement of enantioselectivity predictions in rhodium-catalyzed hydrogenation reactions
Patrick J Donoghue, Olaf Wiest, Per-Ola Norrby
 Pd-catalyzed [3+2] cycloaddition reaction of carbon dioxide
George E. Greco, Brittany L. Gleason, Tiffany A. Lowery, Matthew J. Kier
 Nickel-catalyzed cycloaddition of alkynes and isocyanates
Hung Duong, Janis Louie
 Rhodium(I)-catalyzed Alder-ene reactions of allenic ynones
Thomas O. Painter Jr., Kay M. Brummond
 Nickel-catalyzed rearrangements of vinylcyclopropanes and cyclopropylen-ynes
Gang Zuo, Janis Louie
 Biophysical characterization of c-di-GMP and its analogues in solution
Zhaoying Zhang, Barbara L. Gaffney, Roger A. Jones
 Synthesis of thymidin dimer-building blocks and investigations on the photodamaged DNA
Benjamin Hankeln, Olaf Wiest, Burkhard Koenig
 Paper Withdrawn
 Synthesis of silanediol-based protease inhibitors
Wondwossen D. Arasho, Madhusudhan Purushotham, Sushmita Sen, Scott McN. Sieburth
 Turn residues in beta-hairpin peptides as points for covalent modification
W. John Cooper, Marcey L. Waters
 Accessing unexplored chemical space with organometallic compounds: Synthesis of highly potent protein kinase inhibitors
Howard Bregman, Eric Meggers
 Active transport system using calix[4]arene dimers
Christine A. Winschel, Vladimir Sidorov
 Synthetic ligand-gated channels
Usha Devi, Simon J Webb
 Supramolecular fixation of nitrogen dioxide
Valentina Sgarlata, Yanlong Kang, Alexander V. Leontiev, Voltaire G. Organo, Dmitry M. Rudkevich
 Dendrimer folding in aqueous media: An example of solvent-mediated chirality switching
Jon R. Parquette, Amanda L. Hofacker
 Fabrication of novel conjugated polymer nanostructrue: Porphyrin and fullerene conjugately linked to the polyacetylene backbone as pendant groups
Yuliang Li, Ning Wang, Huibiao Liu, Daoben Zhu
 Self-sorting molecular clips
Soumyadip Ghosh, Anxin Wu, Lyle Isaacs
 Anion encapsulation within metalated cryptophanes
Robert M. Fairchild, K. Travis Holman
 Stabilization of chymotrypsin at the air-water interface
Brian J Jordan, Rui Hong, Jason Hill, Basar Gider, Vincent M. Rotello
 Toward the formation of metallointercalator-based DNA architectures
Hanadi F. Sleiman, Roxanne E. Kieltyka
 Dynamic combinatorial approaches towards the non-enzymatic transcription of nucleic acids
Raymond Wong, Jason Micklefield
 Enantiomer enrichment by solvent extraction: A novel separation technique for some chiral compounds
S. Alex Studniarz
 Ab-initio studies of thio-containing monocyclic ▀-lactams: Reactivity and stability
Milena Shahu, Monika Konaklieva
 Plate-to-plate Fluorous Solid-Phase Extraction (F-SPE) for parallel synthesis
Yimin Lu, Wei Zhang, Tadamichi Nagashima
 Regioselective solid-phase synthesis of nucleosides and carbohydrates triphosphates and triphosphotrithioates
Yousef Ahmadibeni, Keykavous Parang
 An effective methodology for the solution-phase synthesis of fatty acid derivatives of aminosugar library: Development of coupling-purification conditions for parallel reactions
Mallikarjun Reddy Ravi, Meizheng Liu, Wuyi Wang
 Solution/solid phase annulation (SPAn™) technology: Synthesis of 1,4-diazapine- and 1,4-piperazine-2,5-diones
Rosalyn Green, Blanca Martinez-Teipel, Roland E. Dolle
 Nicholas reactions for combinatorial chemistry
Jesse A. Teske, Alexander Deiters
 Olefin metathesis in dynamic combinatorial library of cyclic peptidomimetics
Tammy K. C. Low, Jedidiah M. Hastings, Eric J. Enholm
 Chiral amine-substituted allylsilanes in synthesis
Guodong Liu, Scott McN. Sieburth
 Microwave-assisted sulfamide synthesis
Shahnaz Ghassemi
 Preparation of 3-substituted 4- or 6-azaindoles
Juliang Zhu, Henry S. Wong, John F. Kadow, Nicholas A. Meanwell, Tao Wang
 Approaches to the synthesis of indole-2,3-quinodimethane
Alison Rinderspacher, Gordon W. Gribble
 Synthesis of unsymmetrical pyrazines
Karen V. Taluskie, Richard F. Heck
 Studying of dual reactionary ability (DRA) 2-acetylamino-6-metilpyrimidinon-4 in reactions of alkylation
Kosim Okilovich Zohidov Sr.
 Superacid-catalyzed reactions of N-acylimines: A convenient route to tetrahydroisoquinolines and the role of superelectrophiles
Douglas A. Klumpp, Yiliang Zhang, Patrick J. Kindelin
 Superacid-catalyzed chemistry of olefinic pyrazines: A new example of anti-Markovnikov addition
Douglas A. Klumpp, Yiliang Zhang, Rendy Rendy
 Synthesis of porphyrins bearing one or two meso substituents
Masahiko Taniguchi, Dazhong Fan, Jonathan S. Lindsey
 Effect of silicon atom in substrate on transcyanation of aliphatic ketones with acetone cyanohydrin catalyzed by (R)-oxynitrilase from apple seed meal
Jun He, Min-hua Zong, Hong Wu
 Stereodivergent cascade imine ® azomethine ylide ® 1,3-dipolar cycloadditive approach to â┐-chiral pyrrolidines
Philip Garner, H. ▄mit Kaniskan
 Synthesis of DP-IV inhibitor MK-0431
Michele E. Kubryk, Karl Hansen, Jaume Balsells, Yi Xiao, Nelo Rivera, Eugenia Njolito, Bryon Simmons, Feng Xu, Joseph D. Armstrong III
 Catalytic, asymmetric synthesis of β-lactams and applications towards the synthesis of pharmacologically active targets
Meha Shah, T. Lectka
 Studies towards the stereoselective synthesis of FR-900482
Zhenghua Wang, Ning Shangguan, Lawrence J Williams
 AEI: Modulation of b-amyloid peptides self-assembly by ginkgolides
Sergei V. Dzyuba, Yan Liang, Rong Ni, David G. Lynn, Nina D. Berova, Koji Nakanishi
 Functionally active phosphate tethers: Monocyclic phosphate desymmetrization and synthetic utilization
James P. McParland, Alan Whitehead, Paul R. Hanson
 Preparation of trans-2,5-disubstituted pyrrolidines by asymmetric iodocyclization of homoallylic amines
Franklin A Davis, Minsoo Song, Alexander Augustine
 Toward the development of an asymmetric Morita-Baylis-Hillman reaction
Yun-Ming Lin, Julie Boucau

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The 230th ACS National Meeting, in Washington, DC, Aug 28-Sept 1, 2005