ORGNThursday, 1 September 2005

1:00 PM-5:00 PM Washington DC Convention Center -- 201, Oral
Asymmetric Reactions and Syntheses
Presiding:C. Scott Shultz
1:00 PMNovel dipropionate synthons
Yi-Hung Chen, Frank E. McDonald
1:20 PMChiral Lewis acid-catalyzed stereo- and enantioselective [4 + 3] cycloadditions of nitrogen-stabilized oxyallyl cations
Jian Huang, Richard P. Hsung
1:40 PMFunctionally-active phosphate tethers: A new tether for small molecule synthesis
Alan Whitehead, Paul R. Hanson
2:00 PMSynthesis and structure of spiro-epoxy-β-lactones obtained via epoxidation of 4-alkylidene-2-oxetanones
Richard J. Duffy, Daniel Romo
2:20 PMDe novo synthesis of galacto-, talo- and allo-γ-lactones via an iterative dihydroxylation strategy
Md. Moinuddin Ahmed, George A. O'Doherty
2:40 PMAsymmetric Mannich reactions of β-keto esters with acyl imines catalyzed by cinchona alkaloids
Sha Lou, Brandon M. Taoka, Amal Ting, Scott E. Schaus
3:00 PMAsymmetric synthesis of norcembrenyl amine: An aza-analog of the cembrenyl carbocation
Yinghua Jin, Robert M. Coates
3:20 PMEnantioselective synthesis of diverse quaternary 1,4-benzodiazepin-2,5-diones
Stephanie MacQuarrie, Paul R. Carlier
3:40 PMEvidence against a "double inversion" mechanism in memory of chirality alkylations of 1,4-benzodiazepin-2-ones
Danny C. Hsu, Polo C-H. Lam, Joseph DeGuzman, Paul R. Carlier
4:00 PMStudies on the effect of chelating groups on configurational stability of metalated cyclopropylnitriles
Yiqun Zhang, Paul R. Carlier
4:20 PMDiastereoselective and regioselective additions of Grignard reagents to cyclopropenes
Lianan Liao, Joseph M. Fox
4:40 PMEnantioselective desymmetrization synthesis of cyclopropene amino acids
Fan Zhang, Joseph M. Fox

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The 230th ACS National Meeting, in Washington, DC, Aug 28-Sept 1, 2005