PHYSThursday, 1 September 2005

1:20 PM-5:00 PM Washington DC Convention Center -- 143B, Oral
Structures and Properties of Small Clusters
Interesting Physical Phenomena in Clusters
Organizer:Caroline Chick Jarrold
Organizer, Presiding:J. V. Ortiz
1:20 PMMelting in the cluster size regime
Martin F. Jarrold
2:00 PMFerromagnetic and ferroelectric properties observed in transition metal cluster beams
Walt A. de Heer
2:40 PMFinite size scaling for quantum critical phenomena in negative ion clusters
Sabre Kais
3:20 PMIntermission
3:40 PMHomogeneous and heterogeneous metal clusters: Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties
Julius Jellinek
4:20 PMExtrapolation of small cluster data to condensed phase: A systematic approach accounting for both electrostatic and quantum effects
Chang-Guo Zhan
4:40 PMRotation of the Eckart frame due to internal motions in clusters
Florence J. Lin

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The 230th ACS National Meeting, in Washington, DC, Aug 28-Sept 1, 2005