CHEDMonday, 29 August 2005

2:00 PM-4:00 PM Washington DC Convention Center -- Hall A, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Organic Chemistry
Organizer:LaTrease E. Garrison
Introduction of 13C NMR spectrocopy to determine the isoelectric points of amino acids in aqueous solution
Jun H. Shin, Sabrina M. Song, Gopal Subramaniam
Isolation and partial characterization of arginine ester hydrolase enzymes from the venom of Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen
Agatha Chester, Rodney L. Cate
Synthesis of crown ethers having double bond in macrocyclic ring
Elshan A. Abdullayev
An investigation of silyl groups on asymmetric induction in a conjugate addition reactions with chiral n-silylamidocuprates
Stephen K. Cope, Steven H. Bertz, Craig A. Ogle
Bis(ammonium carboxylate) binaphthyl derivatives as ditopic receptors for amino acids
Luke W Arbogast, Ibrahim Hamdi Zgani, Vladimir Sidorov
Bismuth compounds in organic synthesis: Bismuth bromide catalyzed addition of allylsilanes to conjugated enones
Christopher M. Duncan, Ram S. Mohan
Bismuth triflate catalyzed olefin-epoxide cyclizations
Ram S. Mohan, Joshua R. Lacey
Deprotection of acetals under neutral conditions
Ram S. Mohan, Aaron D. Bailey, Peter W. Anzalone
Comparing halogenation of SWNTs, SWNT models, and simple alkenes
Christopher N. Brammer, Donna J. Nelson
Design and synthesis of novel farnesyl pyrophosphate mimetics
Lisa N. Motschke, Mark F. Mechelke
Design and synthesis of novel FPTase inhibitors
Hailey L. Gahlon, Mark F. Mechelke
Enhance the enzyme stability through the addition of ionic liquids containing kosmotropic anions
Sophia Campbell, Jonathan Solomon, Artez Sims, Rasheed Lawal, Olarongbe Olubajo, Hua Zhao
Isolation of two natural products from almond seed coats
Aris S. Kirimlis, John J. Sczepanski, Leopold May
Mass spectrometry studies of a twenty-four-member library of dithiocarbamate ester analogs of morpholine
Patrick J. Rogers, Velvet M. Patterson, Minseon Kwak, Oladapo Bakare
Simple and efficient copper(II) pyridine complexes for fast olefin aziridination at 1 : 1 olefin : PhINTs ratio
Seth A Binfield, Fabian Mohr, James C. Fettinger, Andrei N. Vedernikov
Synthesis and coupling of halogenated benzene compounds useful in the construction of nanoelectronic components
Libbie S. W. Pelter, Brian Heiberger, Solomon Brown, Michael W. Pelter
Synthesis and reactions of atropisomeric compounds
Anthony J. Fowler, Craig A. Ogle
Synthesis and structural studies of carbenes and their precursors
Charmaine Munro, Christopher A. Hansen
Synthesis and structural studies of metal (II) 4,9,16,23-substituted phthalocyanine derivatives
Robbie Graham, Christopher A. Hansen
Synthesis and thermolysis of fluorene substituted (z)-enynes: Lessons learned
Salwa Elkazaz, Thomas Corprew, Anthony Hayford
Synthesis of 3-methyl-3-pentylcyclobutene: Initial attempts to capture a fluorocyclopentadiene on the pathway to 1,3-difluorobenzenes
Scott B. Lewis, Michelle B. Curtis
Synthesis of acyloxynitrobenzoic acids
Sigmund Courtney, Latisha Karber, Christopher A. Hansen, Rodney L. Cate
Synthesis of Fmoc-protected dicarboxyglutamic acid and its use in solid phase peptide synthesis
James W. Nelson, Lisa A Capriotti, Joel P. Schneider
Cyclopropane fragmentation strategies for the assembly of nitrogenous heterocycles
Erik M. Stang, R. Stephen Andrews, Kevin P. C. Minbiole
Synthesis of medium-sized heterocycles via cyclopropane fragmentation
Seth V. Kingree, Andrew S. D. Blanchard, Kerry E. O'Neil, Kevin P. C. Minbiole
Synthesis of polycarboxylic miscelles
Nyall A. Tavernier, Christopher A. Hansen
Synthetic studies of the natural product Mappain and its non-natural analogues of biological interest
Elizabeth Elacqua, Joseph J. Mullins
Transition metal-catalyzed multicomponent cycloadditon reactions as a synthetic entry into medium-sized rings
Matthew J. Kier, Kristina Hadlich, George E. Greco
Using SIMPLE NMR to detect intramolecular hydrogen bonding in 1,6 diols
Daniel C. Solis, Daniel J. O'Leary
Halogenated 3.1.1. bicyclics and their antimicrobial activity
Preeti Dhar, Teresa Snyder-Leiby, Lauren Graham

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The 230th ACS National Meeting, in Washington, DC, Aug 28-Sept 1, 2005