ORGNSunday, 28 August 2005

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Washington DC Convention Center -- Hall A, Poster
New Reactions and Methodology, Materials, Total Synthesis, Process R&D
Organizer:Robert D. Larsen
Synthesis and structure of α-oligothiophenes with up to seven fused rings
Xinnan Zhang, Adam J Matzger
Controlling the architecture of chiral conjugated polymer spin-cast films
Andrew Satrijo, Timothy M. Swager
Linear and third-order nonlinear optical properties of conjugated diazobenzene oligomers
Jonathan L. Humphrey, Kimberly M. Lott, Darius Kuciauskas
Synthesis of novel chromophores and binding to semiconductor nanoparticles
Massimiliano Lamberto, Cynthia Pagba, Piotr Piotrowiak, Elena Galoppini
Synthesizing novel supports for immunosensor applications
Wraegen A. Mealy, Suzanne M. Ruder
Biphenylacetylene-based liquid-crystalline materials for the covalent immobilization of antibodies (Ab) onto gold electrodes: The development of novel immunosensors
Dwight A Williams, Suzanne M. Ruder
Excitation energy transfer in composite solid films featuring dioxolane-substituted pentacene derivatives
Mason A. Wolak, Joseph S. Melinger, Paul A Lane, Leonidas C Palilis, Chad A. Landis, Jared Delcamp, John E. Anthony, Zakya H. Kafafi
Conjugated polymer sensors: Detection of 2,3-dimethyl-2,3-dinitrobutane
Samuel W. Thomas III, Timothy M. Swager
Synthesis and conformational control studies of new atropisomer platforms as molecular switches
Judith M. Lavin, Ken D. Shimizu
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents that target the brain
Patrick J. O'Connell, James I. Bruce, Michael Mortimer
New polymerizable derivatives of high aspect ratio bisphenol A analogues: Synthesis and characterization
Josiah T. Reams
Synthesis and characterization of amorphous molecular materials possessing a furan ring
Hajime Mori, Eisaku Nomura, Asao Hosoda, Yasuhito Miyake, Osamu Ito, Hisaji Taniguchi
Amphiphilic [2]catenanes
David M. Crizer, Kevin L. Caran, Cobbina K. Benson-Adjei
Uses of single-walled carbon nanotube salts in syntheses
Feng Liang, Lawrence B. Alemany, Jonathan M. Beach, W. E. Billups
Synthesis and characterization of a highly fluorescent diarylethene
Kwang-Hyun Ahn, Yong-Chul Jeong, Sung Ik Yang, Eunkyoung Kim
Synthesis and characterization of glucamine-functionalized dinitroxide
Sumit Mukherjee, Kouichi Shiraishi, Suchada Rajca, Andrzej Rajca
New near-infrared sensors
Shane McDonnell, Donal F O'Shea
Soluble dendrimer-coated magnetic nanoparticles: Synthesis and applications
Chuansong Duanmu, Yan Zheng, Yong Gao
Superparamagnetic nanoparticle supported enzymatic resolution of racemic carboxylates
Hari Mohan Gardimalla, Deendayal Mandal, Philip Stevens, Max Yen, Yong Gao
Cu(I)-catalyzed highly exo-selective and enantioselective [3+2] cycloaddition of azomethine ylides with electron-deficient alkenes
Wenzhong Gao, Malati Raghunath, Xumu Zhang
Alpha-vinylation of haloquinones with activated olefins under Baylis-Hillman reaction conditions
Kee-Jung Lee, Hyoung Seok Song, Young Seok Song, Chang Hoon Lee
Regioselective alkylation of juglones
Thomas L. Mindt, Kathlyn A Parker
Toward the total synthesis of Griseusin antibiotics
Thomas L. Mindt, Kathlyn A Parker
Novel N1-C4 B-lactam bond breakage: Synthesis of 1, 2, 3-vicinyl tricarbonyl systems and their derivatives
Carey J. Myers, Monika Konaklieva
The investigation of Ring Expansion in beta-lactam derivatives
Chuljin Ahn, Sun-Joo Oh, Jin-Ryul Ha, Juhee Park
Biological evaluation and mechanism of action of anticancer beta-lactams
Bimal K. Banik, Indrani Banik, Frederick F. Becker
Diastereoselective synthesis of beta-lactams using polyaromatic imines
Bimal K. Banik, Indrani Banik, Frederick F. Becker
Bismuth nitrate-induced synthesis of pyrroles bound to indolinone
Bimal K. Banik, Magda Cardona, Miguel Fernandez
Bismuth nitrate-catalyzed synthesis of pyrroles
Bimal K. Banik, Indrani Banik, Jacobed Marquez, Clarissa Alvarez
Bismuth nitrate-induced nitration study of beta-lactams
Bimal K. Banik, Indrani Banik, Susanta Samajdar, Crystal Reyes
Bismuth nitrate-catalyzed multi-component reactions
Bimal K. Banik, Ramon Garza
Rapid access to piperidinones via allylic oxidation of enamides
Darren Bykowski, Arthur J. Catino, Jason M. Nichols, Nischal Sidhu, Sidhartha Gottipamula, Michael P. Doyle
Higher oxidation state organochalcogenoxides as catalysts for the activation of hydrogen peroxide
Margaret A. Goodman, Michael R. Detty
Synthesis, structure, and oxidative properties of N-(2-iodyl-phenyl)-acylamides: Novel hypervalent iodine reagents bearing pseudo six-membered ring scaffold
Uladzimir Ladziata, Alexey Y. Koposov, Ka Y. Lo, Jeff Willging, Victor N. Nemykin, Viktor V. Zhdankin
The reduction of 4-nitropyridine-N-oxide by benzophenone metalketyles and dianions
Dilbar A. Turaeva, Yu V. Kurbatov
Novel chemistry of oxoammonium salts
Priya P. Pradhan, William F. Bailey, James M. Bobbitt
Reactions of primary and secondary amines with N-nitrosuccinimide
Qi-Li Feng
Synthesis of novel diepoxides for epoxy resins
R. Garth Pews
Tertiary alcohols via carbene insertion reaction
Chun Sing Li, Guillaume Tessier
Reactivity and synthetic applications of ethyl 4,4-difluoro-3-(triethylsilyl)but-2-enoate
Masaaki Omote, John T. Welch
New applications of transition metal-based single electron reducing agents in organic synthesis: Samarium diiodide-promoted beta-elimination reactions
Jose M. Concellón, Humberto Rodriguez-Solla, Carmen Concellón, Carmen Simal, Pamela Díaz
Etherification reactions initiated by BiBr 3: Total synthesis of (+)-(S,S)-(cis-6-methyltetrahydropyran-2-yl)acetic acid and its trans-diastereomer
Yajing Lian, Robert J. Hinkle
Selective tandem cyclization-addition reactions using catalytic quantities of BiBr 3 and π-nucleophiles
Melissa M. Sprachman, Mamio C. Mattern, Yajing Lian, Robert J. Hinkle
Multi-functional phosphorus heterocycles: An RCM/X-MET sequence to polyol subunits
Joshua D. Waetzig, Alan Whitehead, Paul R. Hanson
Novel catalytic three-component synthesis of alpha-aminophosphonates from ketones (Kabachnik-Fields reaction)
Nikolay S. Zefirov, Elena D. Matveeva, Tatyana A. Podrugina
Bismuth compounds in organic synthesis: Bismuth triflate-catalyzed intramolecular carbonyl ene reaction
Ram S. Mohan, Ann C. Palma, Mai P. Nguyen, Erin D. Anderson
The electrochemical cyclization of o-halosubstituted homoallyl ethers to indan rings
Ram S. Mohan, Eric D. Bell, Ashvin R. Baru, Sandra Olivero, Rodolphe Perriot, Elisabet Dunach
Proline-catalyzed tandem aldol and alkylation reactions in alcoholic medium
Cong-Gui Zhao, Dodda Rajasekhar, Jinyun Liu
New pathways of the Schmidt reaction and their synthetic applications
Cong-Gui Zhao, Rupak Chakraborty, Veronica Franz, Ghanashyam Bez
Efficient one-pot procedure for the synthesis of N-hydroxysuccinimide esters of carboxylic acids using N-hydroxysuccinimide and triphosgene
Misoo Kim, Hagyoung Lee, Ki-Jong Han
Deprotection studies of novel photocleavable protecting groups
Garrett M. Zopp, Mary K. Boyd
Simple approach to γ-hydroxy-α,β-(E)-alkenoic esters: Application to the synthesis of macrolides
K. Srinivasa Rao, D. Srinivasa Reddy, Manojit Pal, K. Mukkanti, Javed Iqbal
Tandem Ritter and hydration reaction on γ-hydroxy-α,β-alkynoic esters: Synthesis of γ-N-acylamino-β-keto esters and ethyl 5-oxazoleacetates
K. Srinivasa Rao, D. Srinivasa Reddy, Manojit Pal, K. Mukkanti, Javed Iqbal
Syntheses of 2,5-disubstituted dihydrofurans from γ-substituted chiral allenamides
Matthew E Petersen, Richard Hsung
Highly stereoselective synthesis of 2,5-disubstituted 3-vinylidene tetrahydrofurans via Prins-type cyclization
Yong Seo Cho, Chul Shin, Ae Nim Pae, Joo Hwan Cha, Hun Yeong Koh
Novel intramolecular cyclization of N-acyliminium ions with allenylmethylsilane
Moon Ho Chang, Sang Hee Kim, Joo Hwan Cha, Ae Nim Pae, Hun Yeong Koh, Yong Seo Cho
Synthesis, structure, and reactivity of sulfonated imidazole compounds
Andrew P Purdy, Justin Luther, Richard Gilardi
Design of new odorless and thermally-stable sulfides and their application to Swern oxidation
Xun He, Tak Hang Chan
Position-selective oxochromium (VI) oxidation of activated arylmethylenes
Frederick A. Luzzio, Marek T. Wlodarczyk, Joel P. Ott
Reactions of 1,4-dilithio-buta-1,3-dienes with iodomethane, and with other iodo compounds
Paul F. Hudrlik, Donghua Dai, Anne M. Hudrlik
Silylated allenes as precursors of fluorinated dienes and propargylic fluorides
Mª Carmen Pacheco, Ludivine Garcia, Véronique Gouverneur
Tris(trimethylsilyl)silanes and germanes in Pd-catalyzed cross-couplings
Zhizhong Wang, Stanislaw F. Wnuk
Electrode-assisted room-temperature Heck reaction
Jun Tian, Kevin D. Moeller
Oxidation of o-hydroxy arylketones N-acylhydrazones with sodium hypochlorite
Antigoni Kotali, Ioannis S. Lafazanis
Synthesis of ferrocenyl substituted pyrazoles as potential antitumor substances
Metin Zora, Günseli Turgut, Meral Görmen
Selective nitrosation of guanazine: Preparation of nitrosoguanazine and azidoaminotriazole
Michael E. Sitzmann, Magdy M. Bichay, John W. Fronabarger, Michael D. Williams, William Sanborn Jr., Richard Gilardi
AEI: The "On Water" effect: Scope and mechanistic studies
Sridhar Narayan, Valery V. Fokin, K. Barry Sharpless
Novel one carbon-carbon bond formation: An efficient preparation of stereospecific beta-hydroxy nitriles
Sheila Marie H. Jacobo, Mustafa Adiyaman, Chih Tsung Chang, Nam-In Kang, William S. Powell, Joshua Rokach
Nitriles: Conjugate addition and cyclization
Subrahmanyam Gudipati, Fraser F Fleming
ß-Hydroxy nitriles: Chelation-controlled cyclizations
Fraser F. Fleming, Brian C Shook, Moshfiqur Raman, Viet Anh Vu
Synthesis of a series of C20 N-acyl chain variants of OCH
Rachel M Ndonye, Geetha Velmourougane, Amy R. Howell
Enhanced chemoselective aminolysis of epoxides using diethylmethoxyborane
Michael P Pence, Hao T. Mee, George Chang
Synthesis and reactivity of aminoboron compounds
SA. Westcott, J.M. Blacquiere, J.D. Webb, S.M.H. Kabir, CM. Vogels, Andreas Decken
A rapid and efficient method for the reduction of nitrogen heterocycles
Daniel C. Poppy, Andrew McKinney, Kevin R. Jackson, Aaron M. Smith, Ralph N. Salvatore, Elena-Maria Savarides, Mary Jane Eddattel, Terrence Gavin
Novel applications of the "Cesium Effect" in organic synthesis: Regioselective ring opening of epoxides with phenylselenol for the preparation of ß-hydroxy selenides and a mild and highly efficient synthesis of organosilanes
Adam K. Nischwitz, John Frey, John Jonathan C. Pendley, Ralph Nicholas Salvatore
CsOH-promoted direct mono-p-alkylation of primary phosphines: A mild and highly chemoselective synthetic route toward secondary and disecondary phosphines
Ralph N. Salvatore, Matthew T. Honaker, Benjamin J. Sandefur, Bo Hargett
Diastereoselective organozinc addition to cyclopropenes
Ni Yan, Joseph M. Fox
Microwave-enhanced cross-coupling reactions involving potassium organotrifluoroborates
George W. Kabalka, Mohammad Al-Masum
Silica-based reagents: Suitable for µ-wave applications
François Béland, Genevieve Gingras, Michel Morin, Frederic Chaumel
Assessing feasibility of supercritical reaction processes using benchtop laboratory equipment
Kenneth J. James, Kenneth R. Krewson
Microwave-assisted Friedel-Crafts alkylation in the presence of ionic liquids
Shahnaz Ghassemi
Efficient synthesis of perfluorinated tetracyclones
Paul A. Deck, Brian S. Hickory
Biologically active pentafluorosulfanyl containing compounds: Synthesis and characterization
Dong Sung Lim, G. Sankar Lal, Kristin E. Minnich, John T. Welch
Fluorous-enhanced multicomponent reactions
Wei Zhang, Yimin Lu, Christine H-T. Chen
Application of ionic liquid technologies in the Knoevenagel reaction
David C. Forbes
Enantioselective addition of diethyl zinc to aldehydes with Chiral Ionic Liquids
Sanjay V. Malhotra, Yun Wang, Yamini H. Patel
Stereospecific hydrohalogenation reactions of alkynes in ionic liquids
Jose Salazar, Francys Fernandez, Simon Lopez, Romano Dorta
Toward improving ketone group reduction to obtain Pentostatin product
Mallikarjuna Reddy Ravi, Wuyi Wang, Li Chen, Meizheng Liu
Purification of synthetic products using flash chromatography
Michael Ye, Craig Aurand, Dan Vitkuske, Shaoyin Wang, Brenda Nye, Becky Caproni, Michael Singer
Process development of an efficient and scalable synthesis of ABT-239, a potent and selective H3 antagonist
Yi-Yin Ku, Yu-Ming Pu, Tim Grieme, Padam Sharma, Ashok V. Bhatia, Marlon Cowart
Synthesis of a pre-operative anesthetic Midazolam: Scale-up issues and challenges
Madhup K. Dhaon, Deborah A. Davis, Grant Esser, Perry Labib, Ashok V. Bhatia, Denton Langridge, Gregory Brill, Daniel Chou
Intramolecular cyclizations to [3,1,0] cyclohexanones from α-diazoketones and a non-hazardous synthesis of a diazoketone
Matthew M. Bio, Philip J. Pye, Gary J. Javadi, Z. Jake Song, Mark Cameron, Minetaka Isomura, Marjorie See Waters, Juan J. Castano, David L. Hughes, David M. Tschaen
Mild, regioselective, high-yielding and scalable synthesis of 1,2-dibromo-4,5-diethoxy-3-fluorobenzene
Seiji Yoshikawa
Asymmetric synthesis of an unnatural α-amino acid, (S)-(+)-3-ethyl norvaline
Madeline Antane, Zheng Wang
Large-scale synthesis of (S)-2-hydroxyamino-2-phenylethanol
Timothy B. Towne, Wenke Li, Gregory S. Wayne, Steven J. Wittenberger, Steve Richter
Development of an efficient and scalable synthesis of a κ-opioid receptor agonist
Arun Ghosh, Stephane Caron, Michel Couturier, Keith M. DeVries, Kristina Dupont-Gaudet, Joel Hawkins, Fumitaka Ito, Janice E. Sieser, John L. Tucker, Brian C. Vanderplas
Development of an efficient one-pot construction of substituted pyrimidinones
Yuelie Lu, T. J. Xiang, Charles Bernard, Tracy Bostick, Liang Huang, Longbin Liu, Aaron Siegmund, Gregory Sukay, Gary Guo, Michael Bartberger, Celia Dominguez, Wanda Tormos, Kevin Koch, Laurence E. Burgess, Thomas C. Basil, Prabha Ibrahim, Conrad Hummel
Synthesis of 9-(S)-HPETE and the formation of group VI isoprostanes by radical cyclization
Sashikala Sivendran, John A. Lawson, Garret. A. FitzGerald, Joshua Rokach
Studies toward the total synthesis of Aciphyllal, a novel C34-polyacetylene
Ramesh Patnam, Mohamed Touaibia, Bingcan Liu, René Roy
Studies towards the total synthesis of Tedanolide: Synthesis of C8-C17 fragment
Vijay Kumar Nyavanandi, Srinivas Nanduri, Naidu Andra, Javed Iqbal
Convergent synthesis of macrolide core of (+) Migrastatin
Javed Iqbal, Saibaba Vobbalareddy, K. Mukkanti, Parthasarathi Das
Studies towards the total synthesis of Borrelidin: Synthesis of the C1 – C11 fragment
Javed Iqbal, Vamsee K. Chintakunta, Santanu Maitra
Stereoselective synthesis of C2 - C10 fragment of Rhizoxine-D
Javed Iqbal, Srinivas Padakanti, K Mukkanti, Manojit Pal
Total synthesis of (+)-SCH 351448
Sergei Bolshakov, James L. Leighton
Total synthesis and biological evaluation of leptostatin analogs
Ann M. Mikowski, James A. Marshall
Synthetic studies towards Mannopeptamycins: De novo synthesis of tyrosine, serine and threonine disaccharides
Satheesh Babu Ravula, Sanjeeva R Guppi, George A. O'Doherty
Efforts toward the synthesis of Psymberin: Synthesis of Psymberic acid and studies toward the determination of its absolute and relative stereochemistry
Michael E. Green, Paul E. Floreancig
Progress toward the asymmetric total synthesis of (-)-mucocin
Yan Zhang, Michael T. Crimmins, Frank A. Diaz
Efforts toward the asymmetric total synthesis of pyranicin
Danielle Jacobs, Michael T Crimmins
Studies towards the synthesis of cartorimine
Rui Chen, Jack E Baldwin, Victor Lee
Total synthesis of C13-C14 cyclopropane discodermolide
Ming Xian, Amos B. Smith III
Fluorous-tag assisted solution phase synthesis of mannose oligosaccharides
Firoz A. Jaipuri, Nicola L. Pohl
Progress towards the synthesis of (-)-sordaricin
Richard F. Heck, Kevin J. Frankowski
Ketal-tethered intramolecular Diels-Alder cycloaddition to the 2-oxadecalin spiroketal core of antifungal agent Fusidilactone C
Sunil K. Ghosh, Jiashi Wang, Richard P. Hsung
Studies towards the total synthesis of Zoanthamine: Synthesis of the ABC ring system via a [4+2] cycloaddition
Martin Juhl
Synthesis of a novel analog of the C,D ring and side chain of 1α, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3
Joanna L. S. Turteltaub, Paul G Williard
First synthesis of a C-18 steroid with a 1,5-estradien-3-one system
Christine Cadot, Donald Poirier, Anie Philip
Total synthesis of Gomisin O
Soumya Mitra, Srinivas Reddy Gurrala, Robert S. Coleman
Progress toward the total synthesis of hypocrellin A via a copper-catalyzed asymmetric biaryl coupling reaction
Erin M. O'Brien, Carol A. Mulrooney, Xiaolin Li, Marisa C Kozlowski
Synthesis of a cooperative DNA alkylating agent
Jifeng Dai, Qibing Zhou
Synthesis of naturally occurring quinones
Aouregan M. Jacob, Christopher J. Moody
Intramolecular Diels-Alder cycloadditions of fulvenes: Synthesis of the Kigelinol, Neoamphilectane and Kempanes skeletons
Bor-cherng Hong, Shang-Hung Chen, Fon-Len Chen, Ju-Hsiou Liao, Gene-Hsiang Lee
Auxiliary-controlled enantioselective synthesis of exo-spirotetronate subunits of Quartromicin D3
Jun Qi, William R. Roush
Towards the enantioselective synthesis of Swansonine
Haibing Guo, George A. O'Doherty
Progress towards the total synthesis of palau'amine
Shaohui Wang, Daniel Romo
Progress toward the asymmetric total synthesis of Diazonamide A
Erick B. Lezzi, Peter Wipf

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The 230th ACS National Meeting, in Washington, DC, Aug 28-Sept 1, 2005