CARBTuesday, 30 August 2005

8:30 AM-12:10 PM Washington DC Convention Center -- 202A, Oral
Iminosugars: Therapeutic Potential
Organizer:Olivier R. Martin
Organizer, Presiding:Philippe Compain
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:40 AMAza-C-disaccharides and analogs: Growth inhibitors of human glioblastoma and melanoma cells
Pierre Vogel, Sandrine Gerber-Lemaire, Hélène Fiaux, Florence Popowycz, Sylvain Favre, Lucienne Juillerat-Jeanneret
9:10 AMFrom isofagomine to noeuromycin. A quest for stronger glycosidase inhibitors
Mikael Bols
9:40 AMIminosugars: Diversity towards selectivity?
Barbara La Ferla, Laura Cipolla, Francesco Nicotra
10:10 AMIntermission
10:40 AMImino-C-glycosyl compounds: Synthesis and therapeutic interest
Olivier R. Martin, Philippe Compain
11:10 AMNew findings on biological activity of iminosugars
Naoki Asano
11:40 AMIminosugars as active-site specific chaperones for the treatment of lysosomal storage disorders
Jian-qiang Fan

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The 230th ACS National Meeting, in Washington, DC, Aug 28-Sept 1, 2005