NUCLWednesday, 31 August 2005

9:00 AM-11:40 AM Washington DC Convention Center -- 203B, Oral
Applied Modeling and Computations in Nuclear Science
Nuclear Data Analysis
Organizers:Thomas M. Semkow
Cynthia Atkins-Duffin
Bert Coursey
Carl Gogolak
Ralph B. James
Stefaan Pommé
X. George Xu
Laurie Waters
Organizer, Presidings:Simon M Jerome
Daniel J. Strom
9:00 AMRandom probability analysis of recent 48Ca experiments
J. B. Patin, Mark A. Stoyer, Jacqueline M. Kenneally, K. J. Moody, Dawn A. Shaughnessy, N. J. Stoyer, J. F. Wild, Philip A. Wilk, V. K. Utyonkov, Yu. Ts. Oganessian
9:25 AMTwo aspects of the Poisson process
Thomas M. Semkow
9:45 AMCount rate estimation of a Poisson process: Unbiased fit vs. central moment analysis of time interval spectra
Stefaan Pommé, John D. Keightley
10:05 AMAnalysis of left-censored data with zeros
Carl Gogolak
10:25 AMIntermission
10:40 AMOn the problem of underestimation of the uncertainty of half-life data
Stefaan Pommé
11:00 AMNAAPRO, a versatile modeling tool for planning of neutron activation analysis
Vladyslav Basenko, Andrey Berlizov, Roy Filby, Igor Malyuk, Volodymyr Tryshyn
11:20 AMModeling of the Trinity nuclear explosion
Thomas M. Semkow, Pravin P. Parekh, Douglas K. Haines

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The 230th ACS National Meeting, in Washington, DC, Aug 28-Sept 1, 2005