Active transport system using calix[4]arene dimers

ORGN 444

Christine A. Winschel, and Vladimir Sidorov, Department of Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1001 West Main Street, Richmond, VA 23284

The work presented here deals with the specifically tailored tetramethoxy calix[4]arene tetraurea and its response to Na+ and K+ ions.  This conformationally flexible calix[4]arene locks into a cone conformation in the presence of Na+ allowing dimerization and subsequent encapsulation of guest molecules.  In the presence of K+ the calix[4]arene flips two anisole units and adopts a 1-3 alternate conformation releasing the target substrate.  We envision this research leading to the active drug delivery system using the physiological Na+/K+ gradient as a driving force.  This research could: lower the required dosage of a drug, accelerate drug delivery and target multidrug-resistant tumors.  Preliminary studies including the synthesis, thermodynamics of guest encapsulation and transport efficiency will be discussed.



Bioorganic, Metal-Mediated Reactions, and Molecular Recognition
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Division of Organic Chemistry

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