Amphiphilic [2]catenanes


David M. Crizer,, Kevin L. Caran,, and Cobbina K. Benson-Adjei, Department of Chemistry, James Madison University, MSC 4501, Harrisonburg, VA 22807
In the 1960's Wasserman began studies on topologically non-trivial molecules, such as catenanes. Since this point in time, significant interest has been shown towards the synthesis of these unique molecules. We are specifically interested in structures containing two interlocking rings (i.e. [2]catenanes) that bear one or more hydrophobic units. Our [2]catenanes consist of interlocked crown ethers and cyclophanes where the cyclophanes are modified with a non-polar chain. Towards this end, we are synthesizing a number of cyclophane derivatives. After preparing our amphiphilic molecules we will study their colloidal properties utilizing a vast array of colloidal techniques.