Studying of dual reactionary ability (DRA) 2-acetylamino-6-metilpyrimidinon-4 in reactions of alkylation

ORGN 638

Kosim Okilovich Zohidov Sr.,, Department of Chemistry, Samarkand State University,Samarkand Uzbekistan, University boulivard 15. Samarkand, 703004, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
By us it has been investigated DRA 2- acetylamino-6- metilpyrimidinon-4 (I) in reactions methylation. In a molecule 2- acetylamino-6- metilpyrimidinon-4 is available 4 potential reactionary centers - N3, N2, N1 and O4 which salts anion shows polident character. Methylation spent with iodide methyl both methyltosilate in ethanol and DMF, as salt form used hydride of sodium. At methilaton of 2-acetylamino-6-metilpyrimidinon-4 in spirit a solution by iodide methyl and methyltosilate both at a room temperature, and at heating it is formed exclusively 2-acetylamino -3,6-dimethylpyrimidinone-4 (II). Carrying out of reaction in aproton dipolar solvent sharply changes its direction. At methylation as iodide methyl, and methyltosilatee reaction proceeds with formation and the second product of reaction-2 (N-methyl-N-acetylamino)- 6- metilpyrimidinon-4 (III). At transition from iodide methyl to methyltosilate and depending on a temperature mode the share of the second product of reaction increases. In this case the product dual alkylation - N2, N3 has not been allocated. The received results allows to consider, that essential influence on a direction of reaction the nature of solvent, alkylation renders the agent, i.e. dual reactionary ability 2-acetylamino-6-metilpyrimidinon-4 is shown precisely. Carrying out of reaction in DMF leads sharp increase to elative reactionary ability of more "rigid" reactionary center - N2. At transition from iodide methyl to dual methyltosilate reaction goes with small hobby N2 products.

Asymmetric Reactions, Heterocycles, Aromatics, Combinatorial, and Physical Organic Chemistry
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