Synthesizing novel supports for immunosensor applications


Wraegen A. Mealy, and Suzanne M. Ruder, Department Of Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1001 W. Main St, Richmond, VA 23284
Biosensors are becoming increasing useful and essential outside of the laboratory setting. Many examples of biosensors have been described, yet few are readily available; thus there is an on going effort within the scientific community to develop practical biosensors. The focus of this research is to construct new solid supports that will immobilize and concentrate active antibody at the surface for immunosensor applications. To this end novel linkers were synthesized based on Sonogashira cross-coupling to form rigid aromatic systems that will act as fluorescent probes and immobilize active antibody. The reaction of these linkers with different pre-functionalized surfaces should vary the concentration of active antibody at the surface. This change in concentration should increase the sensitivity enabling the detection of both small and large antigens by a direct method.