Novel catalytic three-component synthesis of alpha-aminophosphonates from ketones (Kabachnik-Fields reaction)

ORGN 118

Nikolay S. Zefirov,, Elena D. Matveeva, and Tatyana A. Podrugina. Department of Chemistry, University, Vorob'evy Gory, Moscow, 119992, Russia
The classical approach to synthesis of alpha-aminophosphonates is the Kabachnik-Fields reaction which is one-pot, three-component operation with carbonyl compound, amine and dialkyl phosphite. However, this approach is especially satisfactory for reactions with aldehydes and rather simple ketones. We have developed a novel effective catalytic (!) variant of the synthesis alpha-aminophosphonates and alpha-aminophosphonic acids on basis various carbocyclic and heterocyclic ketones (e.g. camphor), diethylphosphite and benzylamine in presence of tetra-tert-butilphtalocyanines (tPcM), especially Al derivative.