Fabrication of novel conjugated polymer nanostructrue: Porphyrin and fullerene conjugately linked to the polyacetylene backbone as pendant groups

ORGN 464

Yuliang Li, ylli@iccas.ac.cn, Ning Wang, Huibiao Liu, and Daoben Zhu. Center for Molecular Sciences, Institute of Chemistry, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080, China
Herein, a new series of conjugated polyacetylenes having conjugately linked fullerene and porphyrin groups as pendant units were prepared by copolymerization catalyzed by [Rh(nbd)Cl]2-NEt3. The thin films of copolymers produced a steady and prompt photocurrent at irradiation of 20.0 mWcm-2 white light. The SEM image indicated uniform nanorods morphology of the copolymer was formed with a diameter of about 100 nm and a length of about 300 nm. Attaching porphyrin and fullerene units to polyacetylene backbone in g-conjugated way greatly improved the redox properties and enhanced the photocurrent response.

Bioorganic, Metal-Mediated Reactions, and Molecular Recognition
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