Purification of synthetic products using flash chromatography

ORGN 162

Michael Ye, mye@sial.com1, Craig Aurand1, Dan Vitkuske1, Shaoyin Wang2, Brenda Nye2, Becky Caproni2, and Michael Singer2. (1) Supelco, 595 North Harrison Road, Bellefonte, PA 16823, (2) Sigma RBI, 1 Strathmore Road, Natick, MA 01760
Flash chromatography is routinely used for purification of synthetic organic compounds and natural products. It becomes even more popular after introduction of disposable pre-packed flash cartridges, which provide safe, reproducible and economic alternative to in-lab packed glass columns. Because medium pressure is applied to such cartridges, separation is very fast. Samples with low solubility may be introduced on solid support using special solid sample devices. Highly retained compounds may be eluted in a small volume of strong solvent using opposite flow direction. Guard cartridges packed with activated carbon or drying material may be stacked with main cartridge aiming to remove tar or traces of water from reaction mixtures. Cartridges of different sizes packed with the same sorbent are used in the same system, therefore scale-up becomes quick and easy. In this presentation, we will show practical use of modern flash chromatography techniques to purify many real life reaction mixtures.