Professional Development

(CHAL) CHAL's Ongoing Intellectual Property Series: Hot Topics in U.S. Patent LawA    
(PHYS) Physical Chemistry Curriculum Reform Update: Where Are We Now and Where Are we Going?DAD  
(CHED) Graduate Education: Looking Outside the U.SP    
(CHED) Careers After College: Teaching Our Students to Be All They Can Be For IndustryP    
(BIOL) Studying the MetabolomeP    
(COMP) Translating an Academic Background Into an Industrial CareerP    
(INOR) Young Investigator Award SymposiumP    
(PROF) Post Doctoral Appointments: Maximizing Career ImpactP    
(YCC) Getting Your First Industrial Job After Graduate SchoolP    
(COMSCI) Meeting the Workforce Needs of The Chemistry Enterprise in 2015P    
(CHAL) Expert Witnessing in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation A   
(PROF) Bayh-Dole Act: 25 Years Later A   
(SCHB) True Stories of Small Chemical Businesses A   
(SCHB) Being a Scientist to Being an Entrepreneur: Business Start-up Considerations A   
(YCC) Strategies for Communicating Chemistry Effectively A   
(CHAL) The Future of the U.S. Patent Law System: Do Sweeping Changes Loom on the Horizon? P   
(AGRO) Agrochemical Education Awards For Graduate Student Travel: Research Poster Presentations P   
(PROF) Congressional Science Fellows - - Value to Congress and to Fellows P   
(SCHB) From Lab Dreams to Business Reality: An Entrepreneurship Tutorial for Scientists P   
(YCC) Federal Grants: Funding for Young Investigators P   
(PRES) Envisioning Undergraduate Chemistry Education in 2015: A Community Dialog  A  
(SCHB) Intellectual Property Protection Options: What Every Scientist Must Know  A  
(SCHB) Single Interest Group: Marketing for Chemists and Chemical Engineers  A  
(CHED) The Story of PROGRESS for Women Chemists and Chemical Engineers  D  
(CHAL) The Lawyer Is In  P  
(SCHB) Consulting as a Second Career  P  
(CHAL) Interference and Reexamination: Challenging Patents in the United States Patent Office   P 
(ANYL) Innovative Approaches for Teaching Analytical Chemistry   P 
(CHED) Service Learning in Chemistry    A
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A = AM; P = PM; D = AM/PM;
* Cosponsored symposium, primary organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
** Primary organizer, cosponsoring organizer(s) shown in parentheses.