Green Chemistry/Pollutants/Sustainability

(CHED) Environmental Chemistry: Green Chemistry, Pollutants and SustainabilityA    
(ENVR) Characterization and Properties of Environmentally Relevant Black Carbon ParticlesDA E 
(ENVR) Halogen and Halamine Chemistry in Biology, Health, and the EnvironmentDA   
(GEOC) Research, Education and Outreach in the NSF Environmental Molecular Science InstitutesDDD  
(PHYS) Computational Exploration of Energy Landscapes: Challenges and SolutionsDDPDD
(FUEL) Advances in Fuel Cell ResearchPDDD 
(AGFD) Green Processes for Extraction and Formulation of Phytochemical-derived ProductsPD   
(ORGN) Recent Advances in Fluorous Chemistry A   
(INOR) Strategies and Molecular Mechanisms of Contaminant Degradation Chemistry DA  
(I&EC) AIChE/ACS Joint Symposium on Sustainability: Plenary Sessions (sponsored by Green Chemistry & Engineering Subdivision) D   
(AGRO) Modern Chiral Pesticides: Enantioselectivity And Its Consequences D   
(AGRO) Biochemical Toxicology of Agrochemicals: Symposium in Honor of Janice Chambers, ACS International Awardee for Research in Agrochemicals Sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection D   
(GEOC) Tungsten: Occurrence, Environmental Fate, Potential Ecological and Health Effects D   
(ENVR) Environmental Nanotechnology PDDED
(ENVR) Global Environmental Regulation: Regulation of Chemicals A View towards 2015 P   
(TOXI) Tobacco Carcinogenesis  A  
(AGRO) Turfgrass: Pesticide Exposure Assessment and Predictive Modeling Tools  DD 
(FUEL) Membranes for Energy and Fuel Applications  DD 
(I&EC) AIChE/ACS Joint Symposium on Sustainability (sponsored by Green Chemistry & Engineering Subdivision)  D  
(POLY) Fluorine Containing Polymers  PDD
(CHAL) Environmental Regulations and Related Topics in the Greater DC Area   A 
(ENVR) Perchlorates: Science and Policy   DD
(GEOC) In-situ Methods and Investigations in Environmental Science   DD
(AGRO) Biological Pest Control: The Continuum   D 
(PMSE) Green Polymer Chemistry   PD
(TOXI) Where Toxicology Meets the Law-Focus on Dioxin   P 
(CINF) Chemical Information and Public Policy: Green Chemistry and Homeland Security Topics    A
(FUEL) Ultraclean Transportation Fuels    D
(FUEL) Chemistry of Fuels and Emerging Fuel Technologies    D
(AGRO) New Nutrient and Soil Amendment Products Impacting Agricultural Production and the Environment    P
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A = AM; P = PM; D = AM/PM;
* Cosponsored symposium, primary organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
** Primary organizer, cosponsoring organizer(s) shown in parentheses.