New latitude and attitude in the information industry


Suzan Brown, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Chemical Abstract Service, 2540 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, OH 43202
Chemistry, like the other physical sciences, began as an activity dominated by male practitioners, which is perhaps a reflection of the cultural and educational norms that prevailed over the centuries of scientific development. In any case, the demographics of professional chemists have changed slowly but steadily toward greater inclusiveness. By contrast, women have been better represented in the information profession and in electronic publishing in general. What obstacles, advantages, and opportunities does the marketing of information and electronic publishing offer women today? The experience and impressions of one female marketing executive who has worked for two prominent information providers serving very different markets, Mead Data Central and CAS. These experiences may be representative or at the very least informative for individuals considering a career in this field.