Change as opportunity


Grace Baysinger, Swain Library of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Swain Library of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Stanford University Libraries, 364 Lomita Drive, Organic Chemistry Building, Stanford, CA 94305-5080
Large academic research libraries are experiencing major changes in collections, staffing, facilities, and infrastructure. While reviews and re-examination are healthy, the rate of change that is occurring is both invigorating and humbling. While most library and information science programs introduce students to topics such as management and building library collections, few programs focus on the complexities facing science libraries and the rapid evolution that is occurring in them. Thus, mentoring, collaborating, and communicating with colleagues is vital for a successful career as a science information specialist. Understanding the culture of an institution and finding ways to influence decisions is essential. Taking leadership roles locally and nationally in professional organizations such as ACS enables participants to better understand, support, and shape these environments. This presentation will highlight some of the changes that are occurring in large academic research libraries and opportunities that are happening as a result of these changes.