Chemical information instruction in an industrial environment


Catherine Lyons Misner, Rohm and Haas Company, 727 Norristown Road, P.O. Box 0904, Spring House, PA 19477-0904
The need for chemical information and awareness of new resources grows exponentially for research chemists and (chemical) engineers who move from the academic to the industrial arena. Continuing effective instruction in retrieving and evaluating available chemical and engineering information can be a challenge to the Corporate information professional. This poster will address the issues we in the Knowledge Center face, and will outline some solutions we at Rohm and Haas Company are employing to meet the challenge. Industrial sector scientists are constrained by the time they can devote to the amount of available data and information. We have determined a key factor in effective use of the plethora of resources we teach, is the manner in which we present our training sessions and materials. The focus of our instruction has migrated from “here’s what we have” to “here’s what you will get” out of the resource or “here’s what you can do” with an information resource. We run training sessions to enable scientists to create their own accelerated information analyses (in a kilosecond). Our presentations have to address wide ranges in educational levels and computer skills, as well as an increasingly global audience. We will describe how we leverage existing technology in overcoming some of these obstacles. We have created quick reference guides linked from our web page, and collaborated with vendors to translate presentations into other languages. We are creating brief, focused online tutorials, and we use collaboration tools (like Sametime™ or WebEx™) for providing training to remote locations. We attempt to balance our charter to provide appropriate information to our customers via self-service with our role as highly trained consultants and partners.