Cheminformatics' role in the pharmaceutical industry


Randal Chen, Abbott Laboratories, 100 Abbott Park Road, Dept. R42T, Building AP10-2, Abbott Park, IL 60064
The productivity gap in the pharmaceutical industry is typified by the statistic that only 10% of the compounds that enter into development, will make it to the market place. Many factors determine success or failure, but a key and common strategy of the industry is to effectively employ computational methods, such as cheminformatics, to enhance the odds of success. The presentation will cover: 1) Key technological issues – what cheminformatics technologies are currently emphasized. 2) Technological framing of the problems – what types of questions the industry needs to answer. 3) Types of individuals and skill sets need to tackle these problems – what background and training emphasis should schools provide their students. 4) Organizational models and structures influence – how organizational factors impact an employer’s approach a problem (such as size, culture, financial state) and how that affects the role.