Information literacy for the physical scientist


Leah R. Solla, Physical Sciences Library, Physical Sciences Library, Cornell University, 293 Clark Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-2501
Known locally as Chem602, Information Literacy for the Physical Scientist is a one-credit graduate course offered every spring at Cornell University. The semester-long series of classes introduces physical scientists to the extensive resources available in chemistry, the physical sciences and the life sciences. Indexes, abstracts, handbooks, databases, librarians and other fugitive resources in print and electronic formats are considered. Each lecture is organized around like resources, specific searching skills and common question types, with carefully prepared demonstrations and exercises. Graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, staff and librarians are encouraged to enroll or drop-in on individual sessions for hands-on training. This poster will illustrate the approach of the curriculum, provide sample lectures, exercises and evaluation criteria, and outline the evolution of the course with the changing nature of information, my growing experience and feedback from students.