Team Green: An integrated approach to teaching analytical chemistry and chemical literacy


Mary Ellen Teasdale, James G. Gee Library - Science Reference, Texas A&M University - Commerce, 2600 South Neal, Commerce, TX 75429 and Anita I. Zvaigzne, Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University - Commerce, 1701 W. Oak Street #107, Denton, TX 76201.
How long would it take a person to die from inhalation of a poisonous gas? When the gas cylinder spews into the open lab area, LD-50 and risk assessment should already have been considered. Therefore, to develop studentsí appreciation for problems encountered by analytical chemists and for using the chemical literature, Team Green was devised by a chemistry instructor and science reference librarian. The Team Green problem assigned to the students was to generate a mock Chemical Response Plan (CRP) for first responders and community officials encountering chemical warfare agents in a small rural community. This poster highlights how analytical chemistry and chemical information can be integrated. The purpose of this exercise is to teach undergraduate chemistry students chemical information strategies in order to address the kinds of problems that might be encountered in working in an industrial or community setting.