Advances in enterprise-wide management of spectral data


Marie Scandone1, Gregory M. Banik2, Deborah Kernan3, and Victoria Rafalovsky2. (1) Informatics Division, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc, 3316 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, (2) Bio-Rad Laboratories, Informatics Division, 3316 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, (3) Informatics Division, Bio-Rad Laboratories, 3316 Spring Garden, Phila, PA 19104
Proper management of a proprietary data is complex, yet crucial. In the pharmaceutical, chemical, and petrochemical industries, samples are typically analyzed and characterized using multiple techniques including, but not limited to IR, NMR, UV/Vis, GC, MS, Raman, and NIR. As an added complication to the problem of organizing multi-technique data, data within a given technique may be taken from instruments supplied by more than one vendor. The result is a complex matrix of data types and vendor formats.

Organizations are faced with the problem of storing and serving this data are faced with overlapping issues involving data cross-referencing, data reporting, correlation with structure and property information, user training, and software control & management.

This paper will discuss these challenges and describe a solution to integrate data types; search, retrieve, and analyze the data; and consequently communicate information to colleagues via sophisticated reporting features.