Purification and modification of C60 fullerene in the undergraduate laboratory

CHED 124

Tracey Spencer, Barney Yoo, Steven R. Wilson, and Kent Kirshenbaum. Department of Chemistry, New York University, 100 Washington Square East, Room 1001, New York, NY 10003
We describe an experiment for the undergraduate chemistry lab encompassing column purification of C60 from fullerene rich soot followed by a multi-step one pot 1,3 dipolar cycloaddition of an azomethine ylide to C60, generating the fullerene N-methyl pyrrolidine product. Characterization of the product is performed by UV, MS, 1H NMR, and 13C NMR. This exercise exposes students to the blossoming opportunities of fullerene research. However, the module is not technically arduous and is relatively low-cost.