Mechanism of ballistic self-healing in EMAA ionomers

PMSE 261

Christopher S. Coughlin, Anthony A. Martinelli, and Robert F. Boswell. Aerospace Materials Division, Polymers and Composites Branch, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, 48066 Shaw Road, Building 2188, MS 5, Patuxent River, MD 20670-1908
Certain ethylene-methacrylic acid (EMAA) ionomers have been shown to be self-healing to ballistic impact. Self-healing materials would have significant potential to improve the survivability of Navy aircraft by providing self-sealing characteristics to currently unprotected fuel, and fluid containing parts. A wide range of EMAA materials have been characterized for their thermal behavior as well as for their ballistic self-healing. Successive Self-Nucleation/Annealing (SSA) was employed to characterize molecular segregation during crystallization. These data were correlated with ballistic results to show that the distribution of melting fractions is an important determinant of the ability to self heal, though this phenomena also appears to be influenced by the counterion and melt index of the material. Rheological characterization is underway and a model relating the thermal, rheological and self-healing behavior of these materials is under development.

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