Separation and determination of urea and methyl carbamate by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography


Fulin Mao, Tinghua` Wu, Ya Liu, Zhuoqun Zheng, Qineng Zhang, and Fei Chen. Insitute of Physical Chemistry ,Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua, 321004, China
The method of reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) was employed in the separation and determination of urea and methyl carbamate. In order to separate urea from methyl carbamate, two C18 columns connected in series rather than single one were used. The experiment with the mobile phase in the proportion of V (methanol): V (water) = 1:1, a flow rate of 0.5ml/min and volume of feeding of 5µL.. The two components were quantified by external standard method at the wavelength of 215nm. Under the optimum conditions listed above, the graph between peak area (A) versus mass percentage (X%) was linear, with the linear regression equation of urea A = 148565X-39384, R2 = 0.9995 and that of MC A = 69055X-90493, R2 = 0.9985. Therefore, it may be advisable to apply it to the analysis of the synthesis of methyl carbamate by alcoholysis of urea.

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