eMolecules project: A technology-based research and writing assessment

CHED 283

Barbara A. Gage and Scott A. Sinex. Physical Sciences Department, Prince George's Community College, 301 Largo Road, Largo, MD 20774-2199
Challenges for chemistry professors today include immersing students in the concepts, introducing them to the chemical literature, infusing technology, and reinforcing writing skills. We have designed a project that encompasses aspects of all of these. The eMolecules Project will be a collection of web pages from a variety of disciplines that commonly use chemical structures including astronomy, biology, chemistry, forensic sciences, health sciences, and nutrition. The multidiscipline approach shows the connection of chemistry to other areas. Using a template designed to provide information uniformity students enter key data. Template information varies depending on the subject area but includes embedded Chime structures in at least two display modes, structural formula using ChemSketch, basic properties, uses and biological significance, hazards, and historical perspectives. Students, using web-based guidelines, are required to search the chemical literature to acquire the requested information and cite it properly. Exemplary pages become part of the project site. This presentation will highlight some of the templates, report on project implementation, and discuss further rationale for the project (http://academic.pgcc.edu/psc/eMol).