Write new books or buy/translate famous books in developing countries?


Stefan Perisanu, Laboratory of General Chemistry, Laboratory of General Chemistry, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, 1 Polizu str, Bucharest, 78126, Romania
In developing countries, like Romania, universities do not have enough money to buy the best books and especially not enough copies, in order to provide the students the necessary documentation. Given this situation most professors write their own book for each course. Although many good books were written in my country (some of them are appreciated even by students studying in western countries) alternative sources of information are more than necessary, not only for students, but also for teachers. A different selection of information, a more up-to-date information, or a more appropriate pedagogical approach are some of the reasons of this need. Some solutions to this problem are envisaged : copyright transfer and/or free Internet access to some classical textbooks, documentation stages for students and professors, co-operation between libraries. A discussion, in order to find the best alternative(s) is desired, by the author.

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