Tapping into the InnoCentive global solver community to obtain innovative solutions for R&D


Poonam Narula, Yi Shi, Peter Lohse, Eugene Ivanov, and Jill Panetta. InnoCentive Inc, Andover, MA 01810
We have developed a global scientific community to provide leading pharma, chemical and consumer product companies with solutions to their scientific challenges in chemical and applied sciences. Our communication with chemistry experts all around the globe is facilitated by the networking power of the internet. We have developed a secure website which regulates information and intellectual property transfer. Solution seekers contract with InnoCentive in order to post scientific questions on InnoCentive.com. Each scientific challenge includes a detailed description and requirements, a deadline, and an award amount for the best solution. Scientists worldwide are eligible to register on the web site as "Solvers" which are currently from over 150 countries.

This presentation will provide examples of problems posted as challenges in chemical and applied sciences which have been presented to our solver community and the power of this forum to provide solutions to the multinational companies.