ORGNMonday, March 29, 2004

1:00 PM-5:00 PM Anaheim Convention Center -- 303D, Oral
Heterocycles and Aromatics
Presiding:Piotr Kaszynski
1:00 PM 205Synthesis and characterization of heterocyclic triamines
Pamela J. Seaton, Abhijit Mitra, Wei Gan, Robert Hancock
1:20 PM 206Synthesis of highly modified porphyrin chromophores with fused heterocyclic rings
Timothy D. Lash, Catherine M. Cillo
1:40 PM 207Porphyrenediynes: Synthesis and Bergman cyclization of beta-extended and meso-tethered porphyrinic enediynes
John D. Spence
2:00 PM 208Synthesis and analysis of histidine-phenol cross-linked compounds that mimic the active site of cytochrome c oxidase
Kimberly N. White, Yakira R. Landaverry, Nagamani Praveen, Joseph P. Konopelski
2:20 PM 209Fast and efficient microwave assisted synthesis of 9-alkyl-6-chloro-purines
Laszlo Varady, Douglas Moakley, Simon J. Mantell, Andrew S. Bell, Michele Harris
2:40 PM 210Some 2-substituted 4-hydroxyquinolines
Robert V. Honeychuck, Ramesh R. Pant, Paulette W. Royt, Rashmi Ghei, Padma Ponnaluri, Joseph D. Relyea, Sean R. Donohue, Wayne M. Stalick
3:00 PM 211Syntheses of aza analogs of kainoids
Mingping Di, Kathleen S. Rein
3:20 PM 212Synthetic approaches toward a group of marine natural product lamellarins
Poonsakdi Ploypradith, Somsak Ruchirawat
3:40 PM 213Regio-controlled synthesis of tri-substituted imidazoles from α-amino-acids through cyclic thioureas
Shimin Xu, Yuan Cheng, Andrew Tasker, Ning Xi
4:00 PM 214Synthesis of functionalized b-carbolines and carbazoles by cyclization of diketoindole derivatives
Eric Duval, Gregory D. Cuny
4:20 PM 215Preparation of b-lactones by 4-exo-trig radical cyclization
Smita Thobhani, Kerstin Castle, Chee-San Hau, Joseph B. Sweeney, Craig Tindall
4:40 PM 216Conformational switching of helicity in 5,6-dihydrophenanthroline derivatives
Elke Schoffers, Son Tran, Eun Joo Kim, John B. Miller, Marc W. Perkovic

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The 227th ACS National Meeting, Anaheim, CA, March 28-April 1, 2004