IECWednesday, March 26, 2003

8:30 AM-11:55 AM Convention Center -- Room 392,Oral
Nanotechnology and the Environment
Environmentally Benign Manufacturing
Organizer, Presiding:Barbara Karn
8:30 AM Introductory Remarks
8:35 AM 187Green chemistry approaches to nanoscale electronic devices and circuits
James E. Hutchison
9:05 AM 188Nanostructured materials for efficient carbon dioxide separation
Leonard S. Fifield, Feng Zheng, Glen E Fryxell, Thomas S. Zemanian, R. Shane Addleman, Larry R. Dalton, Christopher L. Aardahl
9:35 AM 189Epoxy nanocomposites as primer layers for coating
Chenggang Chen, Mohammad Khobaib, David Curliss
10:05 AM Intermission
10:20 AM 190Nanocomposite and tunable membranes for environmental separations
Dibakar Bhattacharyya, Aaron Hollman, Leonidas Bachas, Noah Scherer
10:50 AM 191Synthesis of o-aminodiphenylamine by condensation of aniline with phenylhydroxylamine over manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieves
Ranjit Kumar, Javier Garces, Young-Chan Son, Steven L. Suib
11:20 AM 192Synthesis of surfactant-templated aerogels with tunable nanoporosity
Ahmad AlGhamdi, Sermin Sunol, Aydin Sunol
11:50 AM Concluding Remarks

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