IECMonday, March 24, 2003

1:30 PM-5:25 PM Convention Center -- Room 392,Oral
Nanotechnology and the Environment
Treatment/Remediation Using Nanotechnology
Organizer, Presiding:Mark R. Wiesner
1:30 PM Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM 64Synthesis, characterization, and grafting of melamine-based dendrimers onto solid inorganic supports for the noncovalent sequestration of small organic molecules
Sergio O Gonzalez, Eric E. Simanek
2:05 PM 65Dendritic nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and environmental applications
Mamadou Diallo, Lajos Balogh, James H. Johnson Jr., William A. Goddard
2:35 PM 66In situ remediation with nanoscale iron particles
Weixian Zhang
3:05 PM 67Using zero-valent metal nanoparticles to remediate organic contaminants
Mark J. Strynar, Jerzy Dec, Bettina Schrick, Bianca N. Will, Thomas E. Mallouk, Jean-Marc Bollag
3:20 PM Intermission
3:35 PM 68Membrane-based nanostructured metals for reductive degradation of hazardous organics
Dibakar Bhattacharyya, David Meyer, Leonidas Bachas, Stephen M.C. Ritchie
4:05 PM 69Porous membranes containing zero-valent iron nanorods for water treatment
Stephen M.C. Ritchie, Qiang Luo, Tapan N. Shah, J. Casey Goodwin
4:35 PM 70Effects of surface-chemical heterogeneity on molecular adsorption in and on single-walled carbon nanotubes
Radisav Vidic, Seokjoon Kwon, Feng Xue, Tiffany Newsome, Eric Borguet
5:05 PM 71Hierarchically imprinted nanoporous sorbents for separation of metal ions
Sheng Dai
5:20 PM Concluding Remarks

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