IECTuesday, March 25, 2003

1:30 PM-4:25 PM Convention Center -- Room 392,Oral
Nanotechnology and the Environment
Metrology for Nanosized Materials
Organizer, Presiding:E. Clayton Teague
1:30 PM Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM 104Nanoscale chemical characterization at NIST
Eric B. Steel
2:05 PM 105Molecular-dynamics simulation of forces between colloidal nanoparticles
Kristen A. Fichthorn, Yong Qin
2:35 PM 106Growth and characterization of single-crystal multilayer nanostructures for fast-ion conduction
Samina Azad, Theva Thevuthasan, V. Shutthanandan, Chongmin Wang, Dave E. McCready, Olga A. Marina, Jeffery W. Stevenson, Charles H.F. Peden
3:05 PM Intermission
3:20 PM 107Tools for the quantitative measurement of reaction rates in and on nanoaerosols
Kelly J. Higgins, Jeffrey T. Roberts, Dong Lee, Michael R. Zachariah
3:50 PM 108Measuring attractive forces between suspended nanoparticles
Darrell Velegol, Gretchen Holtzer
4:20 PM Concluding Remarks

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