IECTuesday, March 25, 2003

8:30 AM-11:55 AM Convention Center -- Room 392,Oral
Nanotechnology and the Environment
Nanocatalysts for Environmental Technology
Organizer, Presiding:S.C. Larsen
8:30 AM Introductory Remarks
8:35 AM 84Nanostructured materials for environmental catalysis
Jackie Y. Ying
9:05 AM 85Nanocrystalline metal oxides: A new family of mesoporous inorganic materials useful for destructive adsorption of environmental toxins
Kenneth J. Klabunde, Gavin Medine, Alexander Bedilo, Peter Stoimenov
9:35 AM 86Development of nanocrystalline zeolite materials as environmental catalysts
Vicki H. Grassian, Sarah C. Larsen, Hassan Alwy, Gonghu Li
10:05 AM 87Vibrational spectroscopic study of the CO + NO reaction: From Pd single crystals at ultrahigh vacuum to Pd clusters supported on SiO2 thin films at elevated pressures
Emrah Ozensoy, Christian Hess, A. K. Santra, Byoung K. Min, D. Wayne Goodman
10:20 AM Intermission
10:35 AM 88Hybrid metal/semiconductor nanoparticles for photocatalytic applications: Titania on Silver
George Chumanov, Amar Kumbhar
11:05 AM 89Synthesis and applications of compound nanocatalysts for environmental technology
S. Ismat Shah
11:35 AM 90Catalytic oxidations using octahedral molecular sieves
Young-Chan Son, Ruma Ghosh, Vinit D. Makwana, Steven L. Suib
11:50 AM Concluding Remarks

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