CARBSunday, March 23, 2003

1:00 PM-3:20 PM Convention Center -- Room 350,Oral
Nucleosides, Nucleotides, and Nucleic Acids
Presiding:Stanislaw F. Wnuk
Organizer:Muthiah Manoharan
1:00 PM 5cADPR Analogs: An NMR study on the effect of ribose ring modifications on conformation
Steven M. Graham, Daniel J. Macaya, Andrea E. Romano, Raghuvir N. Sengupta, Kevin B. Turner
1:20 PM 6Determination of DNA sequence specificity of a series of doxorubicin analogs based on hydropathic molecular modeling studies
Derek J Cashman, Glen E. Kellogg, J Neel Scarsdale
1:40 PM 7Diels-Alder cycloadditions for synthesis of conjugated oligonucleotides
Duncan Graham, W. Ewen Smith, Fruk Ljiljana, Hernandez Aaron, David C Robson, Tait Leann
2:00 PM 8Oligonucleotides with 8-propyne analogs of dA: A potential candidate for antisense molecules
Hunjoong Lee, Peilin Yu, Xiaolian Gao
 9Paper Withdrawn
2:20 PM 12Synthesis of S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine analogs with the sulfur atom replaced by "vinyl unit" via cross-coupling reactions
Stanislaw F. Wnuk, Pablo R. Sacasa, Jennifer Lallama, Vernon J. Lawrence, Elzbieta Lewandowska
2:40 PM 10Synthesis of bioconjugate of H-phosphonates, phosphates, phosphonothioate, and phosphonoselenoate
Yong Ju, Qiang Xiao, Yu-Fen Zhao
3:00 PM 11Synthesis of charge-modified dye-labeled dideoxynucleoside triphosphates and their applications in "direct load" DNA sequencing
Patrick J. Finn, Matthew G. Bull, Lei Sun, John R. Nelson, Haiguang Xiao, J. Anthony Mamone, Carl W. Fuller, Bernard F. McArdle, Satyam Nampalli, Shiv Kumar, Parke Flick, Greg Grossmann

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The 225th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 23-27, 2003