IECMonday, March 24, 2003

8:30 AM-12:10 PM Convention Center -- Room 393,Oral
Industrial Crystallization (sponsored by Separation Science & Technology Subdivision)
Presidings:Ronald W. Rousseau
Daniel A. Green
Organizer:Allan S. Myerson
8:30 AM Introductory Remarks
8:35 AM 50Examination of short- and long-range atomic order in nanocrystalline SiC and diamond by powder diffraction methods
Bogdan Palosz, Ewa Grzanka, Svetlana Stelmakh, Stanislaw Gierlotka, H.P. Weber, Thomas Proffen, Witold Palosz
9:00 AM 51Crystal engineering of the composition of pharmaceutical solids
Michael J. Zaworotko, Brian Moulton, Jennifer McMahon, Srinavasan Kuduva, Nair Rodriguez-Hornedo
9:25 AM 52Case study: Tracking a polymorphic transition using FBRM, PVM, Raman, FTIR, and calorimetry
Paul B Barrett, James A Ward
9:50 AM 53Application of process analytical techniques to monitoring the crystallization of organic fine chemical products
Kevin J Roberts
10:15 AM Intermission
10:30 AM 54Determination of solubility of polymorphs using differential scanning calorimetry
Allan S. Myerson, James MB Evans, Kyungho Park
10:55 AM 55Directed nucleation and solution-mediated phase transformation of carbamazepine in aqueous and organic solutions
Ron C. Kelly, Naír Rodríguez-Hornedo
11:20 AM 56Effect of stirrer material on the nucleation of batch-crystallized L-glutamic acid from aqueous solutions
Jessica K. Liang, Derek Wilkinson, Kevin J. Roberts
11:45 AM 57Purification of API by means of polymorphic transformation
Kathleen P. Barton, Kimberley Allen

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