IECSunday, March 23, 2003

1:30 PM-5:24 PM Convention Center -- Room 394,Oral
General Papers in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (sponsored by Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology Subdivision)
Presidings:Stanislaus S Wong
Matthew R Robinson
Organizer:Robert C. Haddon
1:30 PM 31Solubilization of single-wall carbon nanotubes by supramolecular encapsulation of helical amylose
Oh-Kil Kim, Jongtae Je, Jeffrey W. Baldwin, Pehr E. Pehrsson, Leonard J. Buckley
1:48 PM 32Sidewall functionalization and purification of carbon nanotubes by solution-phase ozonolysis
Sarbajit Banerjee, Stanislaus S. Wong
2:06 PM 33Organizing carbon nanotubes with liquid-crystal solvents
David L. Patrick, Michael D. Lynch
2:24 PM 34pH dependence of optical properties of surface-modified, single-walled carbon nanotubes
Chulho Song, Yutaro Kobayashi, Wei Zhao
2:42 PM 35Autonomous movement of nanoparticles
Walter F. Paxton, Ayusman Sen, Thomas E. Mallouk, Nina I. Kovtyukhova
3:00 PM 36Effects of particle dispersion in polymer nanocomposites
Richard D. West, Vivak M. Malhotra
3:18 PM 37Formation of nanostructured polymer filaments in nanochannel reactors
Chih-Yi Peng, Stephen J. Fonash, Bin Gu, Ayuaman Sen, Seong H. Kim, Henry C. Foley
3:36 PM 38Shape-selective binding in templated nanopores
Jessica L. Defreese, Alexander Katz
3:54 PM 39Photocurable poly(dimethylsiloxane) elastomer with attached rigid functional groups optimized for soft lithography with nanometer resolution
Kyung M. Choi, John A. Rogers
4:12 PM 40Eu b-diketonate temperature sensors: effects of ligands, matrix, and concentration
Gamal Khalil, Gregory D. Phelan, Kimberly S. F. Lau, Brenden Carlson, Larry R. Dalton, Martin Gouterman, Jim Callis
4:30 PM 41Pure infrared electroluminescence from conjugated polymer host/guest blends
Matthew R. Robinson
4:48 PM 42Improving the performance of organic thin-film transistors
Shinya Aoki, Tazumi Nagasawa, Rumiko Hayase
5:06 PM 43Techniques for the proper measurement of organic light-emitting diodes
Jacek Ostrowski, Matthew R. Robinson

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