IECTuesday, March 25, 2003

1:00 PM-5:00 PM Convention Center -- Room 394,Oral
Advanced Technologies for Decontaminating and Managing Radioactive Wastes
Organizer, Presiding:Daniel W. Tedder
1:00 PM 115Paper Withdrawn
1:20 PM 116Recycle stream blending at the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant
Mark J. Barnes, Charles L. Crawford, Daniel P. Lambert, Fernando F. Fondeur, Paul Burkett, James E. Laurinat, Thomas B. Edwards, James C. Marra, Daniel I Kaplan, Reid A. Peterson, David J. Sherwood
1:40 PM 117CerOx process for destruction of the RCRA component of mixed wastes
Norvell Nelson, Gary D. Harris, Stuart L. Nolan, G. Wendell Pells
2:00 PM 118Paper Withdrawn
2:20 PM 119Oxidative leaching of plutonium from simulated Hanford tank-waste sludges
Kenneth L. Nash, Melissa Hancock, Ivan Laszak, Marian Borkowski
2:40 PM 120Study of the hydroxocarbonate speciation of plutonium(VI) in alkaline media
Ivan Laszak, Artem V. Gelis, Mark Jensen, Kenneth L. Nash
3:00 PM 121Characterizing heavy-metal-ion environments in a new nuclear waste form
J. V. Beitz, S. Skanthakumar, S Seifert, P. Thiyagarajan
3:20 PM 122Highly selective process for removal of actinides from water
Allen W. Apblett, Mohammed Chehbouni, B. P. Kiran
3:40 PM 123Actinide extraction via facilitated transport through fixed-site carrier membranes
K. Scott Sportsman, Kent D. Abney, Elizabeth A. Bluhm
4:00 PM 124Comparing the performance characteristics of calix[4]arenes azacrown-6 with calix[4]arene oxocrown-6
LŠtitia H. Delmau, Cara L. Johnston, Jennifer L. Rumppe, Viktor N. Pastushok, Bruce A. Moyer
4:20 PM 125Strontium and actinide separations from high-level nuclear waste solutions
David T. Hobbs, May Nyman, Dmitri Medvedev, Akhilesh Tripathi, Abraham Clearfield
4:40 PM 126Selective extraction of Am(III) over lanthanides(III) by synergistic system of TPEN and acidic extractants in alcoholic solvents
Masayuki Watanabe, Rinat Mirvaliev, Shoichi Tachimori, Kenji Takeshita, Yoshio Nakano, Koshi Morikawa, Ryohei Mori

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