IECTuesday, March 25, 2003

5:00 PM-7:00 PM Convention Center -- Hall G,Poster
Joe Breen Student Poster Session in Green Chemistry (sponsored by Green Chemistry & Engineering Subdivision)
Organizers:Mary M. Kirchhoff
John C. Warner
139Joe Breen: The heart and soul of green chemistry
Paul T. Anastas, Mary M. Kirchhoff, John C. Warner
140Transition metal catalysis in ionic liquids: A cautionary note on the "washing" and recycling of ionic liquids
Phillip Fox, James H. Davis Jr., Ioanna Ntai
141Synthesis, characterization, and properties of high-concentration ionic liquid solutions of secondary inorganic salts
Ioanna Ntai, James H. Davis Jr., Phillip Fox
142Synthesis of several ionic liquids and their use as replacement solvents in typical organic reactions
Danette L. Astolfi, Francis C. Mayville Jr.
143Liquid ionic phosphates and polyammonium ionic liquid sulfonamides preparation of new ionic liquid species and their pulse-radiolysis characteristics
Sharon I. Lall-Ramnarine, Robert Engel, James F. Wishart, Sherly Bellevue, Ravinder Raju, Alexander Scumpia, Revans Ragbir, Julia Christodoulou
144Paper Withdrawn
145Influence of ion type and concentration on the emulsion stability and machining performance of two semisynthetic metal-working fluids
Julie B. Zimmerman, Kim F. Hayes, Steven J. Skerlos
146Environmentally benign approaches toward asymmetric catalysis
Helen L Ngo, Aiguo Hu, Wenbin Lin
147Dynamic control of noncovalent interactions in mesoscale assembly: Green chemistry in action
Arundhati Undurti, John C. Warner
148Noncovalent derivatization of quinone and benzoin
Michele Turner, Amy S. Cannon, John C. Warner
149Green synthesis of cosensitizers used in dye-sensitized solar-energy devices
Amy S. Cannon, John C. Warner
150Optimization of photodimerization reactions toward the environmentally benign synthesis of stereospecific cyclobutane functionalities
John Pyers IV, John C. Warner
151Reaction design and environmentally benign synthesis
John Pyers IV, John C. Warner, Amy S. Cannon
152Transesterification of soybean oil and evaluating the combustibilities and heats of combustion of various soy-based diesels
Andrew R. Bernard, Kala M. Smith, Emily C. Bethart, Ashley A. Tharpe, S.K. Airee

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