MEDIWednesday, March 26, 2003

9:00 AM-11:55 AM Convention Center -- Room 353-355,Oral
New Approaches to Treatment of Diabetes: Sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb
Organizer:David Rotella
9:00 AM 186New approaches to type 2 diabetes management
Jay S. Skyler
9:35 AM 187Small-molecule insulin mimetics with potential utilities as anti-diabetic and anti-obesity therapies
Kun Liu, Libo Xu, H. Blair Wood, Regina M. Black, Deborah Szalkowski, Zhihua Li, Victor Ding, Gloria Kwei, Su Huskey, David E. Moller, James V. Heck, Bei B. Zhang, A. Brian Jones
10:10 AM 188Inhibition of 11ß-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 as a novel approach to type 2 diabetes treatment
Tjeerd Barf, Jerk Vallgårda, Guido Kurz, Peteris Alberts, Lars Abrahmsen
10:45 AM 189Synthesis of novel potent DPP-IV inhibitors with enhanced chemical stability: Interplay between the alkyl fragment of the N-terminal amino acid moiety and the cyclopropyl group of a-aminoacyl-(L)-(cis)-4,5-methanoprolinenitrile-based inhibitors
David Magnin, Jeff Robl, Richard B. Sulsky, David J. Augieri, Yanting Huang, Prakash Taunk, David A. Betebenner, Ligaya M. Simpkins, James G. Robertson, Ashish Khanna, Benoni Abboa-Offei, Aiying Wang, Michael Cap, Li Xing, Li Tao, Doree Sitkoff, Mary Malley, Jack Gougoutas, Qi Huang, Song-Ping Han, Rex A Parker, Lawrence G. Hamann
11:20 AM 190Acylated derivatives of glucagon-like peptide-1: A new class of drugs for the treatment of type 2 diabetes
Lotte Bjerre Knudsen

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