SCHBMonday, March 24, 2003

9:00 AM-11:55 AM Convention Center -- Room 348,Oral
Biotechnology in the Service of Health
Organizer, Presiding:Sharon Vercellotti
9:00 AM 1Biotechnology in health research from a diversified small chemical business
John R. Vercellotti, Sharon Vercellotti
9:30 AM 2Promise and pitfalls of combinatorial therapeutics
Wesley Derrick
10:00 AM 3Detection of genetically modified organism (GMO) food ingredients
Michael Russell
10:50 AM Intermission
11:05 AM 4Development of a safer, nonnarcotic analgesic: From the lab bench to the clinic
Nicolas G. Bazan, Anthony L. Vaccarino, Elena B. Rodriguez de Turco, Victor L. Marcheselli, Dennis Paul, Julio Alvarez-Builla, Carlos Sunkel, Nilda Parkins, Heather Scuderi

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