NUCLThursday, March 27, 2003

8:30 AM-10:55 AM Convention Center -- Room 391,Oral
General Topics in Nuclear Chemistry
Organizer, Presiding:Suresh C Srivastava
8:30 AM Introductory Remarks
8:35 AM 132First chemical investigation of hassium (Hs, Z = 108)
Christoph E. Düllmann, Willy Brüchle, Rugard Dressler, Klaus Eberhardt, Bernd Eichler, Robert Eichler, Heinz Gäggeler, Thomas N. Ginter, Fredy Glaus, Kenneth E. Gregorich, Darleane C. Hoffman, Egon Jäger, Dieter Jost, Uwe W. Kirbach, Diana M. Lee, Heino Nitsche, Joshua B. Patin, Valeria Pershina, Dave Piguet, Zhi Qin, Matthias Schädel, Brigitta Schausten, Erwin Schimpf, Hans-Joachim Schött, Sandra Soverna, Ralf Sudowe, Petra Thörle, Sergei N. Timokhin, Norbert Trautmann, Andreas Türler, Annett Vahle, Gerhard Wirth, Alexander B. Yakushev, Peter M. Zielinski
8:55 AM 133Age determination of uranium materials in the context of illicit trafficking of nuclear materials
Alfred F. Morgenstern, Christos Apostolidis, Klaus Mayer, Maria Wallenius
9:15 AM 134Determination of input parameters for estimation of annual residential radiation doses from routine nuclear reactor releases
Daechul Cho, In Hyoung Rhee, Gab-Bock Lee
9:35 AM Intermission
9:55 AM 136Development of radioactive dendrimer nanocomposites to treat tumor microvasculature
Lajos Balogh, Shraddha S. Nigavekar, Andrew T. Cook, Leah Minc, Mohamed K. Khan
10:15 AM 137PET imaging of N-(3-[18F]fluoropropyl)-2b-carbomethoxy-3b-(4-bromophenyl)nortropane ([18F]FPCBT, BRL-306) in baboon
Ronald M. Baldwin, Thomas Chaly, Gilles Tamagnan, J.K. Staley, M.S. Al-Tikriti, Y-K. Hou, Xiao-Hui Gu, R. Zong, Ross J. Baldessarini, John L. Neumeyer, P. Garg
10:35 AM 138Production and concentration of high-purity rhenium-188 using a multicolumn selectivity inversion generator technology
Daniel R. McAlister, Andrew H. Bond, E. Philip Horwitz

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