POLYMonday, March 24, 2003

1:30 PM-4:50 PM Hilton Riverside -- Grand Salon B9/B12,Oral
The Polymer Science of Everyday Things
Organizer, Presiding:R S Moore
Organizers:David Bott
Coleen Pugh
Kenneth J. Wynne
Ann Beal Salamone
1:30 PM 383Aramids in protective materials
V. Gabara
2:10 PM 384Body armor
Anthony J Ryan, Sandra A. Van Natta
2:50 PM 385Polycarbonate in consumer applications
Douglas G. Hamilton, John B. McDermott
3:30 PM 386Polymers in the mountains
Richard A.L. Jones
4:10 PM 387The science of tires: History and current technology
Lon Jay Mathias, Gregory J. Brust, Amanda Adams

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The 225th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 23-27, 2003